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Self Publish vs. Publisher:
Which Option Is Best for You?


Want to be a published author? You face stiff competition. There are millions of authors and millions more looking to join their ranks.

So what's your next step if you've got a great novel ready to go? How can you publish your work, get seen, and start on an exciting new creative path?

You've probably heard about self-publishing. It's an increasingly popular option for many writers.

Wonder no more. We've got the pros and cons of self publish vs publisher to help you make the right decision for your book.

What are Traditional and Self-Publishing?

Let's go over the basics of traditional and self-publishing before discussing their good and bad sides.

Self-publishing means you use an online platform, like Amazon, to publish a book immediately. It can be as simple as loading up your manuscript and any graphics and hitting "enter" on your keyboard.

According to one of the services where everyone can ask to write my paper, self-publishing means you use an online platform, like Amazon, to publish a book immediately.

Traditional publishing means you'll work with a third party to get your book out there. You'll have to work with them to bring your book to your audience.

Self Publish vs Publisher Book Finalization

For those who want total control over their work, self-publishing is the way to go. But it also means you'll do more work.

You'll have to be your own editor, graphic designer, and marketer. This article by QIN Printing goes into the ins and outs of making your own book template.

Working with a traditional publisher, they can handle those difficult tasks for you. They have a team at their disposal to get the help authors need in this area.

Publishing Payday

Self-publishers have no overheads and take home every cent they earn. If they don't market themselves well, they'll earn little, and they're on the hook for their own taxes.

Publishers can give you an advance on your book. After that, you'll earn a percentage of royalties, and the rest goes to them.

Reach Your Readers

Traditional publishers can get your book seen in both print and digital formats. They have an entire marketing engine they can rev up to reach the right audience.

That being said, if you have a niche novel, your readers might come to you. More nuanced topics have a built-in audience that is easy to find and target with self-marketing.

Acclaim and Prestige

Some authors dream of having all of the name recognition like big shots Stephen King or Agatha Christie. You can find it in both self and traditional publishing, but each is a little different.

With traditional publishing, if you're good enough, you can climb up to superstar status. With self-publishing, you might become a big fish in a little pond.

Publish Your Work Your Way

These pros and cons for self publish vs publisher will help you make the decision. The important thing is to find the right avenue for your work.

There's not just one path to becoming a published author. If you want to learn more ways to reach your full potential, check out our other resources.

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