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Selecting a Property Management Company
That Will Work for You

Selecting the right property management company can make or break your real estate investment. Your rental property requires proactive and professional management for protection and safety. Your property needs a licensed and experienced property management company that is responsive and transparent.

Due to the increase in real estate investment, many property management companies are working in the market but Imperial Corporate Capital is one of the best choices when it comes to choosing a property development company because of its experience. It helps you to maintain your property and to increase its value in the near future.

Tasks done by the Property Management companies:

  • Handle maintenance issues and emergencies.
  • Getting the vacant units ready to rent.
  • Marketing the vacant units.
  • Tenant screening
  • Collecting rents
  • Paying bills
  • Preparing audit reports.
  • Interfacing with tenants.
  • They are responsive to the needs of the owner.
  • They can manage the groups of vendors who want to work on these properties.

Tips and tricks for selecting the best Property Management Company for you:

It is a difficult task to choose the best property management company for the maintenance of your property. Some important tips for selecting the best company are the following.

Select the experienced one:

Property management is one of the complex industries. You need an investment property manager who is on top of current federal, state, and local laws. You have to select a Property Management Indianapolis company that has a proven record of handling the many variables that come with tenants and homes very effectively.

Select the property management company with vast experience in caring for your particular type of investment. Companies that work on commercial properties may not be equipped to properly manage residential properties. 

Always select the managers with the specialized training. If they are not experienced, they are not able to manage your investment property properly.

Make sure they have the appropriate insurance:

Before hiring a property management company, confirm that they have appropriate general liability insurance, property-casualty insurance, and errors and omissions (E&O) policies.It is also beneficial for the protection of your property. Always feel free to ask your property manager more about necessary insurance protection. Always select the company with the appropriate insurance.

Check reviews and references:

For selecting the best property management company, check the reviews and references of the company. Check their Google reviews. Also, check the comments on their Facebook page. It is the easiest way to know about the performance of the company. A company with a good performance record always has good reviews. Don't select the company with bad reviews or low ratings.

Examine the property management agreement:

The property management agreement contains the business relationship between you and the property management company and outlines the management team’s tasks and responsibilities. Read it carefully and make any necessary changes you need before signing off. Confirm that it covers everything you want and that there are not any disagreeable clauses.

Property management agreement covers the following things:

  • Services provided and fee.
  • Owner responsibilities.
  • Contract duration.
  • Termination clauses.

Interview multiple companies:

Before selecting a property management company for you, always visit multiple companies. Then select the best one for you. Ask different questions to gather information about the company. Also, check the response of the candidates to your questions. If they are responsive, then they serve you well as a client. Ask about the fee, responsibilities, and the agreement of the company.

Get referrals from other investors:

Sometimes the best property management companies are the ones referred by friends and family members. So, you can ask anyone you know who also works in real estate or property management if they know anyone who may be good for you.

If any property management company has a bad reputation, the chances are that the news of their bad reputation has spread amongst all industry professionals. In addition to referrals, check the state’s Real Estate Commission and the Better Business Bureau to ensure the concerned property management company has a valid license and no complaints against them.

Review Local Adds:

Many local property management companies use local advertisements to share vacancies. So, check out newspapers, online classifieds, and online sites to find sample rental ads. In addition, most reputable property management companies have an online website that also shows available properties, and this is a good opportunity to see their quality of rental ads.

Prioritize Organization and Technology:

Managing investment or rental property involves a lot of communications and record keeping. The property management company you choose must have the processes and the updated technology to handle the vast administrative demands. The best property managers are organized, efficient, and handle records with as little paperwork as possible. Electronic or "paperless" systems are more secure and accurate than traditional paperwork. So, a company with up-to-date technology is a huge benefit for owners.

Only go for licensed property management companies:

Many countries require property management companies to have a real estate broker's license or management license. A licensed property manager has gone through an approved property management course and passed a state licensing exam. This means they have an increased knowledge to help owners to navigate their business needs. So it is necessary to work with the licensed property management companies.

Learn about how the company handles vacancies:

Vacancies are a big headache to property investors. Some property management companies charge for all the units of the property, but some do not charge for the vacant units of the property. So it is beneficial for you to use a company that does not charge for vacant units.


Finding the best property management company can take your investment to the next level. However, rental management is a complex matter involving legal matters, handling tenant communications, and taking steps to protect the property itself. Always choose the company with the vast experience. Check the previous record. Check the Google reviews. Take referrals from your friends and colleagues. Select the company with a valid license and insurance.

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