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How to Select and Buy Cushion Cut Diamonds

Everyone wants to have the best pieces of jewellery and engagement rings with the greatest unique design and genuine stones and materials that they can treasure until eternity. Selecting the best jewellery design for you, your loved one, or your partner needs technical considerations to make every detail of the jewellery piece or engagement ring perfect and well-manifested to symbolize your relationship and true love's promise. If you select a precious gemstone or diamond, its cutting is a very important part of the design.

Things to consider when you buy Diamonds

Cushion Cut Depth and Visibility

Before buying or selecting cushion cut diamonds in stores, you must first get oriented to some technical details for you to analyze and consider during choosing it. You should look for a cushion cut diamond that has a depth of at least 61% to 68%. This range is at the ideal balance giving a graceful appearance to the overall jewellery design, especially for rings and earrings.

Cushion Cut Preferable Size and Proportion

With regards to its size and face shape, cushion-cut diamonds can be rectangular or square. If you buy diamonds with this particular stone cutting into a rectangular configuration, opt for a ratio that is within 1.15 to 1.5 times longer than its other side. Make it look obviously look rectangular to avoid getting the impression that it is a distorted one. The most common selection for the size ratio of cushion cut diamonds is that the longer side is around 1.10 to 1.20 times the shorter side.

The Crucial Technicalities in Buying Diamonds

Buying Diamonds, you must also select and look for the reliability, authenticity, and credibility of the seller. Buying diamonds from a reputed brand gives you ease and confidence in wearing your cushion-cut diamond jewellery. For a trusted and legitimate brand for diamonds, Rare Carat sells and offers diamond jewellery settings and customization at premium quality. You can use the Rare Carat Review to research best diamond deals.

Rare Carat is known for its diamond and high-quality metal materials for its ready-made and customized jewellery. Their diamonds are certified and approved by the GIA and GCAL through extensive checking and review of the diamond 4CS. 4Cs are a diamond's profile which pertains to its quality, properties, and characteristics such as Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight.

The Main Aspects

Rare Carat diamonds are experts in giving their clients only the best quality diamonds. For the diamond's Color, always go for a grade that is H or higher level. For Clarity, a grade of at least SI1 or above is recommended. Always request for a certification of the legitimacy of the grades of its Clarity. Distinguish the clarity by evaluating how it shimmers under a light. Make sure it reflects, gleams, and sparkles. Real and high-quality diamonds are generally colorless and can emit light according to their cuts. No extra colors should be seen. Thus, it must be very clear that it must appear like there is no mass at all. No haze, no dullness, no disproportionate, and no magnifications. For the Carats, the higher the carat, the better. The overall size (length-width) of your diamond is all up to you. Always demand the size that you really want to make your jewellery piece worth your money, time, and effort. The more visible the stone is, the more glamorous and opulent you'll look.

Why opt for Cushion Cut Diamonds?

Beyond symbolism, cushion-cut diamonds may not be the main symbol of eternity or infinity because it is not round, its whole surface has limitless and unending facets because every square millimetre is being cut. Thus, considering the carat weight is also an important matter when dealing with diamond sellers because it indicates the value, genuineness, and story of the diamond aside from the beauty it brings. Furthermore, the design and cut of the diamond itself make the stone appearance look larger through its multiple facets as results from cuts.

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