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How to Secure an International Job Before you Move

Secure an International Job

Your daily schedule can become tedious, and you might crave a change in pace and scenery at some point. A solution to this problem could be to move to a brand new location abroad and see what a new area offers you through cultural experiences, new friendships, and exciting opportunities. And while moving to a new country is certainly enticing, securing a job at this location can create some challenges you may not have contemplated. As you detail what needs to be done long before you take the leap and move, such as figuring out what to pack and what international moving companies to hire, securing a job is one of the most crucial tasks.

Find out the steps you can take to get an international job before moving abroad...

Choose your dream country

Your journey to secure a job in foreign lands can start by simply choosing the country you most want to visit and reside in. This will be one of the easiest and less menial aspects of the process, but there is more involved than selecting an area you’ve only viewed through television and film. You should choose a region of a country with an abundant amount of available work and seek out individuals with your skillset. Further, you’ll want to move to a country that largely speaks your primary language if you want to be considered for any job.

International transfer

Finding a job abroad can be difficult, and sometimes getting a decently paid job can be as easy as asking for an international transfer from your current employer. Many modern companies have a variety of programs that allow employers to be easily transferred abroad, so you can still maintain the job you have and sustain a relationship with the company you’ve been employed at. Ask your employer if any international assignments are available and exclaim that you would like to be considered for these assignments.

Figure out what field you want to work in

Once you begin searching for a new job abroad, you should consider what type of job you want and in what field. Your potential new job can deviate from the one you currently have if it’s not the vocation you desire, or, by utilizing your prior experiences, you can seek a job in the field you’re now in. By reflecting upon your skills and hobbies, narrow down what you want to do and what position you would thrive in. If a job in your chosen field is hard to acquire, you should find a short-term role abroad, like service work or as a farmhand, that will earn you some money and give you a chance to continue your job search once you go abroad.


A job search can be simplified if you use your resources and talk to former employees, friends, and family about any international jobs they know. If you’ve already been abroad for school, ask your school peers if they know of any available jobs in their area. You should also check in with the people you have graduated with who have moved to an international location for any open positions they may know and can help you attain.

Adjust your resume

As you apply for jobs abroad, you should modify your resume to match the job and the country you’re applying to. Use your prior professional experiences related to the international job you want, and try to utilize the keywords mentioned in the job ad in your application. You should also adjust the language in your resume to match the country’s language. If the application is in another language, edit your resume, so it’s in that particular language. In terms of localizing your resume for English-speaking countries, such as the UK and Australia, you’ll want to make slight modifications to certain words, such as “Flavor, which would be changed to “Flavour.”

Visa requirements

If you could secure a job abroad, do not make any movements to hire any international moving companies just yet. Any country you have chosen to work in will indeed have specific visa requirements, and this will be something you will want to research heavily. The most common visa anyone between the ages of 18-35 is eligible to receive is the working holiday visa, which will typically allow you to stay in an international country for two years under the pretense that you’re employed. This type of visa can be beneficial for anyone vying to travel to other areas as it has no restrictions on any travelling.

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