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Save on Furnishing Your Brick and Mortar Start Up With Home Furniture

Starting a new business is always an exciting adventure, but it is one that requires an investment of time and energy. Many new entrepreneurs lack understanding of how much it really takes to get a venture off the ground until they start making plans and work through their start up business plan. As such, the total startup costs you need to get things moving may not become clear until you pull together details of how, when, and where you will start your business.

Among the start up expenses missed by many new business owners is the cost to open your brick and mortar location. In addition to the obvious expenses of leasing or purchasing the physical location, you will also have costs and deposits required as you set up utility services. You’ll also need telecommunication services for broadband internet, phone, and text.

And, of course, your office needs furniture.

When you are trying to cut your start up costs as low as possible, you have to take advantage of every opportunity to cut corners and save. The lower your start up costs, the better your chances of getting the investment funds you need for a successful business launch. One of the easiest places to save is by purchasing home furniture rather than that labeled for office use.

There are a lot of advantages to buying home furniture instead of office furniture, aside from the savings during start up. You will also save on future overhead costs by buying quality home furnishings that will likely last longer than office furniture in the same price range. Home furniture is designed for heavy every day use, while much office furniture is designed for more occasional use and therefore is not as durable.

Home furniture is also more comfortable than office furniture. Your employees will thank you for the comfort they enjoy, and your patrons will be pleasantly surprised to find comfortable seating in which to wait for their appointment. You can also get more features for less money when you buy home furniture for your business location.

It can be easy to get carried away looking through furniture catalogs while picturing you ideal office, but taking a minimalist approach to furnishing your business both saves money and creates a productive working environment. The most productive individuals are those with sparsely furnished cubicles or offices. These are easier to clean and disinfect, as well as making it easier to stay organized. Keeping everything you need within reach is an important key to a more productive work day, but so is comfort.

Here are a few ideas for using home furniture in your new business location:

  • Folding and stacking dining chairs with free delivery provide inexpensive or flexible seating that can be easily stored when not needed. This is a good idea if you will be hosting seminars, workshops, or conferences.
  • You can get a gaming chair with an ergonomic design and features like built in Bluetooth speakers or massagers at a much cheaper price than executive office chairs with similar features.
  • Visitors will never know that your conference table is actually a polished wood dining table, and you will spend half as much. Matching dining chairs on casters complete your meeting space. Use a small café style table and chairs for a more intimate meeting space for just a few people.
  • Console tables work well as additional but temporary desks that can be pulled out only when needed. They can also be used as snack or beverage stations. Console tables are actually very versatile, and can also be used as a home base for devices shared throughout the office.
  • Slimline or narrow living room accent chairs can be more comfortable for your visitors than cheaper industrial waiting room chairs.
  • Accent cabinets are a perfect place to build your printing or telecommunications station, with the cabinet space underneath providing plenty of storage for paper and other supplies. Some of these also come with built-in charging stations for added versatility and functionality.
  • Leather sofas and love seats can also create a comfortable but professionally aesthetic spot for clients and vendors to wait or as a cozy place for more informal meetings and discussions.
  • Leather chaise lounges also have a professional flair, and putting one in each individual office is also a productivity booster. When your employees are able to take a few minutes of downtime on a comfortable chaise lounge, they will be more refreshed and better able to think on their feet.

In truth, there are endless ways to use home furniture to furnish your place of business. As you build your business plan and calculate start-up costs, look for other creative ways to lower start-up and ongoing overhead expenses.

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