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RV Mail Forwarding Services:
What to Know and Corresponding Processes

RV Mail Forwarding Services

Do you like taking on the open road? Do you love going around areas with your RV but as much as possible, avoid the hassle of constantly trying to locate a new post office to mail address for each stopover along the way? How do you avail of an RV mail?

Those are questions that bother a lot of people. But don’t worry! There is a way to settle things properly and conveniently! With an RV mail forwarding service, you can get all of your mail in one core area or venue. Before signing up on one, here are some essential things and factors to consider. 

Note that the details presented in this article can be customized depending on your location and situation. But the recommendations and tips are primarily general; thus, they apply in most cases and circumstances. 

What is an RV Mail Forwarding Service?

RV mail forwarding service is the address of a mailbox that lets people, especially travelers, get mail and packages while on a journey. The corresponding service provider will collect, organize, and redirect your mail to your RV location. If you are a full-time RVer, such a provider will provide you with a physical address to list one of the most important benefits of availing of their services. 

Depending on the service provider you tap, you can also take advantage of extra perks and benefits such as mail scanning and shredding. 

Why Do You Need an RV Mail Forwarding Service?

RV Mail Forwarding Services

It’s still crucial to maintain your business and personal life even when you become a full-time RVer. Mail is an essential component of this because it comes with various documents that are vital for daily lifestyles, such as charitable donations, bank statements, and bills. 

When hopping from one remote destination to another, you will not be able to get your mail without the help of a mail forwarding service. Note this because many people who travel somewhere don’t bother tapping on a service provider despite learning the importance. Thus, they would have to contend with associated problems when they’re already on the road. That’s a hassle and trouble you don’t want to go through, especially when spending the holidays with your family. 

Pricing for Mail Services

The rates of RV mail forwarding service providers vary depending on the extent of packages and the destination of the mail. Some companies offer as low as $150 every year. But the plans can elevate in price and services, especially when extra perks are available or added. Other companies with more advanced features charge at least $229 every year. Know that upon joining, you will have to pay a service fee of $25 for all plans. 

What You Get

  • Utilization of physical location for purposes such as vehicle registration and many others
  • Services related to mail forwarding and handling
  • For upgraded plans, services on package receipt and forwarding
  • Digital account
  • Control on shipping schedules
  • Notifications for important emails
  • A company can handle vehicle registration for their customers with extra charges
  • Provision of live agents for customer support
  • Remove mail sorting

How Do I Receive my Mail/Packages?

The majority of companies or service providers of mail forwarding will receive and organize your mails and packages. The receiver will deliver your mail to a location of your preference, depending on the services selected and the plan you sign up for. This means that if you are stationed at a specific area for at least two weeks and decide to proceed to another location, you will inform (by online means, app, or in-person) the service provider of the destination and date that you ought your mail delivered to. 

There are variations in the volume of parcels and mail pieces that will be delivered to you. Some service providers forward mails and packages to international locations, while others will only give your mail within the United States. Always have these details in mind as they are crucial in determining the ideal service provider and the package to suit your needs and plans. 

Here is another tidbit to note. Most of the service providers deliver mails and packages with a tracking system in place. Others also provide some reimbursement fees for missing or lost mails and items. 

If you avail of upgraded plans, you choose to opt for a service provider for the shipping time and package delivery. 

One of the common questions asked is, “Can I get my mail scanned?”

The answer to the above question highly depends on the particular plan you sign up for and the company you choose. But here’s what you should know. Although most service providers charge a fee for scanning services, there are those which do so for free. So if you’re trying to save on budget, there are available options. 

Address and Inclusion of Extra Services

It’s essential to consider the address when deciding on the ideal company to tap. Companies provide various options for physical locations in particular states. The company you’ll hire will dictate the address. 

The physical address is one of the biggest benefits of having a mail forwarding service provider. This makes it possible for RVers to manage their vehicle tags and register to vote. Some of the companies for hire take care of customers’ vehicle registration as their way of offering huge service advantages.

Again, the rates for these services will vary depending on the plan and the company you choose. 

How to Decide Which Company to Hire for Mail Forwarding?

  1. Type of Mailbox

What kinds of forwarding does the service provider offer? Do they provide added offerings that can meet your needs and that of your business? How many mails do you intend on getting every month? Deciding the best plan for you will follow if you’re able to answer the aforesaid questions correctly. 

  1. Location of Address

As mentioned earlier, the area of your physical address stated by the service provider is a significant advantage for people who travel full time or frequently. Note that your state domicile of choice can influence your tax-paying, voting, registration fees, and other factors. It would help if you considered all these things before making a choice. 

  1. Services Included

It’s imperative to consider the specific services you’ll tap from a mail forwarding company and select a plan that is ideally customized for your travel requirements.

  1. Cost of Service

The costs of services will vary depending on the plan and the company you select. That is why always assess your bottom line or existing budget to see if it is enough for the service options you plan to avail yourself. 

  1. Look at Reviews

Reviews of mail forwarding services provided are primarily accessible through BBB or via online searches. Before committing to a service plan, always review what existing or previous customers have to say about the company and their services. Consider both the positive and negative comments but make sure you get a balanced perspective. Don’t rely too much on one word since it could be biased.

How Do you Sign Up for RV Mail Forwarding Services?

The process of signing up for a mail forwarding service is relatively simple. To become a member, you will comply and fill up the forms that your selected company provides. You are officially signed up once you have filled out all paperwork required by the service provider, which processes your documents. 

USPS Form1583

RV Mail Forwarding Services

What is a USPS Form 1583, and is it a necessary file for the mail forwarding service? This document is a particular form that lets commercial mail service providers accept, open, scan, and organize your mail from the United States Postal Service. 

To proceed with your mail service provider, the said form has to be notarized. This will signal to USPS that you are allowing the handling company to gain complete access to your mail at your request. 

Why do you need this as a Full-Time RVer?

  1. Taxes

The state or country where you build a domicile is also your site for dealing with taxation, including the filing and paying. 

  1. Registration

Your chosen state of domicile will require you to register your vehicles and comply with particular guidelines and requirements. Every state will issue various levels of registration fees and conditions. Before choosing a domicile, always do prior research to know the deliverables you need to prepare.

  1. Driver’s License

Note that establishing residency or house settlement is not the same as installing a domicile. You must have a state ID or a driver’s license before becoming a resident of a state. Each state will also require various documents or files for residency. It would help if you did a thorough research of this so you can prepare beforehand. 

  1. Voting 

When you establish your domicile in a particular state, you will be able to register to vote. With the address that you will have, you’ll be able to join in local to national elections.

So those are some of the things you need to know about mail forwarding services.

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