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Asif Ali Gohar and the Rise of
Vegan Leather in Pakistan

After getting great recognition in the West, the idea of veganism is gaining rapid popularity in developing countries. The idea of veganism resonates with the concept of not using animals in all aspects of life. Hence, veganism means to abstain from the consumption of animals or animal-derived products such as milk (and other forms of dairy), eggs, as well as animal-tested products. Thus, this philosophical concept, which is massively followed throughout the world, allows for the reduction and ultimately elimination of cruelty and exploitation conducted on animals all over the world.

While Pakistan is one of the most meat-consuming countries in Asia, following veganism is becoming fairly easy. Restaurants are introducing vegan menus and stores allow their customers to buy vegan products for day-to-day use. Asif Ali Gohar has come up with a similar idea of using vegan alternatives to leather. This can drastically change the leather industry of Pakistan, as leather products are one of the major export products of the country. Furthermore, the business model proposed by Asif Ali Gohar would also result in economic growth for other sectors attached to the leather industry.

Pakistan has gained global recognition for its leather products all over the world. It is a hub for leather production and leather items in the East Asian region, with clients all over the world. There are a total of 800 ternaries active in the country, producing quality products for the international market. If provided with an alternative that is both cost-effective and not a burden on the ecology of the country, the leather exports of Pakistan can increase at an exponential rate that would in turn lead to swift economic growth.

Asif Ali Gohar was born in 1992 in Karachi, Pakistan. At the age of 12, he moved with his parents to Germany, where he continued to receive his formal education. He is a graduate of Hamburg University and has a degree in Business Administration. In his teenage years, he started to adopt a vegan lifestyle. This belief was further reinforced when did a high school project and learned more about the topic. While he was studying at the University of Hamburg, Asif Ali Gohar conducted research on vegan alternatives to leather. After multiple experiments and empirical shreds of evidence, he was able to conclude that rice can act as a vegan alternative for leather. He used rice alongside yeast and acetic acid bacteria, which when refined is equivalent to any piece of leather produced in his home country Pakistan.

Pakistan is the 10th largest rice exporter in the world, producing 8% of the world’s total rice production. Hence, with the growing influence of veganism and abundant production opportunities, this is something to invest in. Fortunately, Asif Ali Gohar is looking for partners that can help him develop his business idea. The model is currently in the planning phase. Asif Ali Gohar aims to dominate both the domestic market of Pakistan as well as the global market through his innovative idea of vegan leather production.

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