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Rise of the Hybrid Workplace

Where are people most productive when it comes to business? People have been trying different varieties of open and closed floor plans for a while, and coworking and third spaces such as coffee shops have been popular for some time now. So, it should not have come as such a surprise when many workers needed to work remotely at the start of the global pandemic that many would not want to return to the office.

That said, just because you might think that there is a level of freedom working from home or a coffee shop doesn’t mean that you can handle all of the distractions that you were kept away from at the office. When you’re at the office, you’re not doing household chores and laundry. As many are trying to come back to the office safely, there is a new trend emerging - the hybrid workplace. A mix of a healthy balance of remote and in-office may be helpful for all.

Learn more about the rise of hybrid workplaces and why they are likely to be here to stay in the following visual deep dive below:

Rise of the Hybrid Workplace


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