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Why Businesses Use Rigid Signs for
Boosting Their Sales

Rigid signages are durable and flat signs that can be used in several settings. One can use it in restaurants, construction projects, law offices, open houses and other places where there is a need for durable and high-quality signage.

Businesses use it for outdoor and indoor advertisements or events as they are practical and affordable. Rigid signage is great for branding, spreading awareness or message, advertising, marketing etc.

Where Do Businesses Use Rigid Signage

Rigid signage provides versatility unlike Custom Neon Signs, banners or custom signage. It has now become popular among several industries, and it is used as:

  • Menu boards
  • Real estate or sale signs
  • Trade show signage
  • Yard signs
  • Hanging logos

One can easily craft it according to their size or color preference. It is excellent for a small message, outdoor advertising or for sending large messages to the audience. One can also see its use near the fire extinguisher or for providing directions.

Perks Of Using Rigid Signage

  • Full Color: Rigid signage is made of a material that is perfect for using different types of color printing. This helps to capture the attention of the passerby. Colors that you will use on the signage will be vibrant and will promote the message to get easily noticed by the audience.
  • Affordability: Rigid signage is very affordable. One can use it to make dibond signs, corrugated plastic signs, and foam board signs in large quantities without making a hole in your pocket.
  • Durability: Rigid signage offers exceptional durability if you know how to maintain it. The firmness and the structure of the rigid signage will allow you to use it for months or years. The businesses also go for some material that is resistant to bends, creases or damages.
  • Versatility: One can use rigid signage for different types of business promotions. These rigid signages are very attractive and are customized in a way to grab the attention of the audience. This is one of the prime reasons why both small and large scale businesses use it for promoting themselves.
  • Importance: Rigid signages are used by several businesses and are a crucial part of the marketing strategy. Rigid signages which have the logo of the company helps in reinforcing the brand and promote it. The rigid signage will offer exposure that is continuous and prominent.
  • Differentiator: Rigid signage can be a differentiator and help your business to stand out in this competitive marketing field. Rigid signages are unique and creative that will quickly draw customers towards your store even from a long distance.

One uses onsite rigid signs to provide the physical presence of the brand. You can also use it as the way finding or outdoor signage that will direct the traffic towards your business. According to, revolution is encountered in the way how a company is changing its advertising methods according to consumer habit, advertising firms, media outlet and companies. 

Do Rigid Signs Offer Customization Flexibilities

Yes, rigid signages are customizable. One can use color graphics and prints on it. Things that businesses keep in mind while customizing the rigid signages are:

  • Waterproofing
  • Thickness
  • Double-sided
  • Grommets


By looking into all the advantages that one can get from rigid signages more and more businesses are incorporating their use in their marketing plan. Before using the rigid signage, you must know where to use it and how to use it to get the maximum benefit.

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