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How to Know When a Career Change is Right for You

A job, at its core, may be a paycheck, but when it takes up the majority of your day, it’s not unreasonable to want it to be more than that. Ideally, you want to love what you do, go to work feeling excited, and come home feeling fulfilled. It isn’t always like that though, especially if you rushed into a career path right after school or took that first job that just fell into your lap. It’s not uncommon to feel trapped in a career, because it can be overwhelming and daunting to consider starting again from the bottom of the job ladder, but you shouldn’t have to settle for something that doesn’t make you happy or fulfilled.

Because of the internet, the availability and accessibility of information is like never before. You don’t have to feel trapped at your job, because you can learn a new skill or study online while still working full-time. Online post-secondary programs are now quite common, from a bachelor’s program in business to an online master of science in thanatology, you can study anything online in order to upgrade your current education level or pick something completely different and start from a blank slate.

If you read through this article and identify yourself in the following statements, it may be time to take a serious look at your career and determine what about it makes you feel fulfilled, and what makes you feel exhausted or frustrated.

It’s incredibly difficult to get out of bed in the morning

Everyone has those days where you would rather stay in bed or take a personal day, but if every single day has you feeling like you’re forcing yourself to get up and go to work, you may need to consider why you feel that way. Ask yourself what would get you excited to go to work, or what would motivate you more, then see if those qualities or job aspects fit in with your current role in any capacity. If they don’t, it might be time to find something new.

You constantly feel checked out

70% of workers in the United States say they are not engaged at work, so it isn’t uncommon to feel as though your heart isn’t up to the task. It becomes an issue when this sentiment is echoed every single day, for every single project or task you’re given. How can you do your best work if you’re bored, unchallenged, or just aren’t motivated to do the work at all? If you feel yourself falling into a sense of apathy, a change might be in order.

You come home feeling exhausted every day

Coming home tired after a long day of work is normal, but feeling absolutely exhausted every day with no energy to spend time with family or friends or enjoy your hobbies is a telltale sign of unhappiness at work. It can mean you’re burnt out, which can start to negatively affect relationships and your general happiness outside of work – something nobody wants. If you’re also feeling exhausted during work, and tasks are taking much longer than they should be, there’s a good chance this job isn’t the right fit for you, and you should find something more in line with your interests.

You’re not moving up in the company

If you’re happy staying at the role you’re at without moving up in the ranks, that’s perfectly fine, but if you have aspirations and goals that aren’t being fulfilled, you might not be in a career that’s right for you. Of course, promotions are earned, but after you have put in the time and effort and you still haven’t gotten a promotion, or perhaps there’s nowhere to move up at all, it could be a good idea to start exploring other options.

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