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5 Revolutionary Advancements in Energy Meter Technology

Smart energy meter technology has acquired widespread recognition all across the globe. It includes contemporary versions of standard meters, which are designed for measuring gas and electricity. Smart meters are generally equipped with a national private communication network called DCC. DCC lets you submit your gas and electricity track records directly to a supplier. In other words, you do not need to go to any physical agency.

The following write-up specifies the revolutionary advancements in smart energy meter technology along with its various benefits. It also provides information on smart meters, one of the best smart meters you can purchase and install. Please check them out now.

Which Smart Meter Should You Invest In?

Have you been looking for the safest smart meter that can read your gas and electricity usage accurately? If yes, please opt for CHINT smart meters. CHINT is a well-known company that offers smart energy products made from high-quality materials. The products are certified by DLMS, STS, MID, and KEMA. Also, CHINT smart meters adhere to the IEC or ANSI standards, thus, are cent per cent reliable.

5 Revolutionary Smart Energy Meter Advancements

  • Smart Meter Installation in Europe – The introduction of smart meters in Europe crossed the 50% mark. According to a study, around 155 million units are installed in consumer households and nearby areas. This milestone became possible due to increased modernization and digitalization of the grid. To install fifty million smart meters, the United Kingdom ended up connecting 16 million units on DCC. It is expected that 225 million smart meters will be installed throughout Europe, including the southern, eastern, and central regions, by 2026.
  • Indian Broadcasts the Timeline of Smart Meter Rollout – Lack of funds and consumer unwillingness delayed smart meter installation in India. Due to the efforts of EESL, only two million units were deployed. However, the Indian government decided to install smart meter units in all residences by 2025. So, almost 250 million advanced units will be installed in just two years. This is surely a game-changer.
  • Hydrogen Meter – The hydrogen market is expanding at a considerable pace. It is expected to contribute to decarbonization, energy generation, and building of cooling and heating systems. Thus, a large number of professionals are trying to manufacture hydrogen meters. The use of hydrogen instead of natural gas is gaining momentum in different parts of the world.
  • New Applications of Smart Meters – Smart meters were initially used for accurate billing but digital trends have paved the way for new applications. Smart meters can be used as healthcare monitoring systems. You can use a smart meter to keep an eye on the vulnerable individuals or as an integral part of restorative and post-operative care. The new applications are piloted primarily in Japan and in the UK.
  • New Smart Meters in Terms of Communication and Interoperability – Interoperability of smart meters improved the operations of the smart grid systems. In 2020, a new smart meter was introduced, which can leverage different communication technologies for the sake of connectivity.

Benefits of Smart Meters

Smart meters function way better than traditional meters because of the following reasons –

  • Zero Hassle – Smart electric meters have a display that you may install without any hassle. This will let you monitor your power consumption. You may also find out if you are spending energy unnecessarily. Changing your lifestyle as per the readings will save several bucks.
  • Complete Control – One reason why smart meters are manufactured is to help users evaluate and modify their power consumption habits. The users can process the energy readings through computer software. The consumers and utility providers can share consumption data with one another to make intelligent decisions.
  • Low Carbon Footprint – Installing a smart meter enables you to eliminate utility issues related to solar power. Most of the electric grids fail to accommodate multiple solar devices as that can destabilize the grid. Power companies can make adjustments according to the power consumption by smart meters. Furthermore, sixty percent of solar power is sustained by smart grids and works better than normal grids.

Bottom Line

To conclude, smart meters have gained immense popularity because of their capacity to send gas and electricity readings to a supplier automatically and wirelessly. With so many smart meters available in the market, you might face a bit of difficulty choosing one. Most modern-day individuals rely on the smart meters that ensure efficiency, excellence, and effectiveness.

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