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Rethinking the World of Manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how sudden disasters can have serious effects on global supply chains, costs, and market demand. However, new technologies like AI and IoT can be utilized today to help mitigate the negative impact of such events on the manufacturing sector. The factory of the future will be able to increase sustainability, optimize the workforce, connect technologies across the product lifecycle, and enhance the quality of final products.

Transforming manufacturing using technology has several key components that should be considered in order for the process to be successful. The factory of the future will benefit from robotics and equipment that can be reconfigured to accommodate new products, AI-powered product demand simulation to boost efficiency, and versatile teams with the tools and skills to interpret data while working in virtualized environments. With the added support of diverse value networks and the Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) manufacturing management process to model possible disruptions, build supply network flexibility, and leverage machine learning for decision-making, you can start designing your own factory of the future plan.

Rethinking the World of Manufacturing
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