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Hunting for a New Job

Hunting for a New Job

Dealing with job loss is not easy - it can be a scary and confusing time in anyone's life. Looking for work can be especially difficult when the economy is struggling and companies are not hiring.

In 2020, the average time to find a new job was between 1 and 3 months. Over a third of job seekers searched for work for 15 weeks or more, as covid-19 impacted the economy.

Have you been impacted by a recent layoff or business closure and are looking for a new job? Take a look at these essential resources to help you find work as soon as possible.

Essential Resources for Your Job Search

Some companies look out for their employees by providing outplacement services in the event of a layoff or termination. It's critical to consider the total cost of outplacement services, and one of the most crucial items to consider is the fees associated with establishing an outplacement. If your company offers outplacement services, use them to find a new job quickly.

But if they're not offered, don't despair -- you have plenty of other job resources to access on your own. Here are a few popular options to consider.

Resume Services

Sometimes all you need to find a job quickly is an updated resume. Hiring a pro to help you put the best foot forward can be the key to unlocking that elusive dream job you've always wanted.

Company Websites

Never underestimate the value of looking up companies you are interested in, and doing a bit of research. Going straight to company websites will help you see their branding and how they present themselves. Then check out their Career section to see what positions they're currently hiring for.

Local Listings

Online job boards are great places to look for job opportunities- but don't forget about local listings. Search your hometown newspaper or neighborhood community app for leads that may help you get hired.

Resources for Networking

Connecting with others is often the best way to find unlisted jobs that may be exactly what you're looking for. Here are a few networking ideas to get you started.

Your Alumni Network

Staying in touch with your academic networks is a great way to hear about hiring opportunities. Reach out to groups in your academic major, sororities, fraternities, as well as contacts in your graduating class.

Social Media Platforms

LinkedIn is a popular job search site where you can post your resume and portfolio of work. You can also follow companies and job search sites on Twitter and Facebook, and see jobs posted by companies you follow on these and other platforms.

Community Groups

Church groups, volunteer organizations, and interest clubs can all be sources of job referrals. Consider all your connections and how they could link you to your next job -- you may be surprised!

Invest in Your Personal Growth

When you're looking for a new job, it helps to know the essential resources that can help make your career search successful. Staying informed of your options will empower you to find and keep a job you love.

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