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Repaired Tech Might Be the
Hottest Items This Holiday

As Black Friday sales are still going and consumers are in full swing to get holiday shopping done, most of us are noticing that holiday shopping is a little different this year. Fifty percent of shoppers are seeing that the items they’re trying to purchase are out of stock. In fact, items out of stock have risen by 360% compared to 2019, pre-pandemic. 

Some of the hottest selling items during the holidays are tech devices, which are certainly not unaffected by the supply and demand disparities. Retailers are all poised to run out of the most popular electronic devices such as gaming consoles, tvs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, all before the season is over. 

One solution to circumvent the supply and demand issue is to repair and re-gift used devices. Fortunately, tech items don’t have to be brand new to be great gifts. Repaired devices can be as good as new and still have years of life left. They’re cost effective and better for the environment as well. Repaired tech might be the hottest commodity this holiday season.

Repaired Tech Might Be the Hottest Items
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