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How Great Writing Skills
Can Boost Your Career

writing skills

By Patrick Reeves

There are no doubts that excellent communication skills play a significant role in modern society. Communication helps people in various spheres of life including relationships, hobbies, education, and career. The matter is that being a professional in any area is not enough for constant personal development - it is also important to have other skills that will help to gain success and to move up the job ladder. The ability to use communication skills in the workplace can be crucial in most situations, mainly when it influences the chances of a person to get a promotion. It is also noteworthy to pay attention to the writing skills as far as written communication is essential in the professional sphere and the business area. Therefore, the role of writing skills in the career field is crucial regarding the fact that excellent writing communication skills influence the relationships with clients, team effectiveness, employee engagement, and self-promotion.

Why Writing Skills Are Important: 7 Reasons

There are various approaches to the topic of written communication as far as some people believe that it is not necessary to be good at writing to advance in the career. Nevertheless, the significance of writing skills is of a high priority in modern society. When it comes to career objectives, a person has a better chance to succeed in the workplace being skillful in written communication than those people who have not even a desire to practice writing skills. Hence, we have an aim to point out key aspects that describe how great writing skills can boost your career.

  1. Employer-employee communication
    First of all, writing skills are essential for successful communication between employers and employees. What is more, writing can also help a person to get a dream job. It is hard to imagine the opportunity to get a well-paid job without being able to write a successful resume. It goes without saying that resume is the first chance to leave a good impression that is the crucial factor for future success. Thus, the main aim of any resume is not only to give a short information about oneself and to tell about education and working experience but also to show the best skills that are appropriate for a particular job position.
  2. Literate = intelligent and competent
    Excellent writing skills are necessary to demonstrate your intelligence. Undoubtedly, you can be a brilliant person but if you are making even minor grammatical or punctual mistakes - be ready that it will definitely spoil the first impression concerning you as a high-potential employee and a successful worker in perspective. One more important fact is that a person with excellent writing skills is perceived as a reliable and credible worker. The first thing that comes to mind while reading an email full of mistakes and typos is that the sender is merely irresponsible and incompetent. Also, it is hard to rely on such a person who is not willing to proofread a message before sending it to the future employer. That is why it is worthy to put efforts to practice writing skills for increasing own chance to get a dream job or a long-awaited promotion.
  3. Words are power
    The next important factor is that successful writing is a required skill for being more influential as well as for increasing professional confidence. In fact, the ability to be persuasive is also compulsory for written communication. Thus, advance writing skills give a unique opportunity for achieving personal goals. For instance, if a person has a desire to offer an innovative idea that will improve the working process, the ability to write persuasively is the vital condition to succeed. Besides, it is also important to outline own ideas logically and understandably to describe the main concepts and objectives. Speaking about the business area, being confident and influential can be crucial factors for reaching potential clients. As is known, business often requires excellent writing skills as far as written communication is an integral part of business relations. Undoubtedly, it is almost impossible to attract a client without writing a successful business proposal.
  4. Business documentation
    What is more, the business area often requires the ability to create excellent documentation. Indeed, business documentation involves advanced grammar and punctuation competencies to make a favorable impression on clients, co-workers, and the employer. Consequently, writing skills have a significant impact on the future career regarding the fact that effective written communication boosts the influential abilities as well as professional confidence.
  5. Self-promotion
    One more important fact is that successful writing skills play a crucial role in self-promotion. The matter is that written communication can increase your chances to be noticed by your employer. For instance, writing skills can help you to get extra activities in the workplace that can promote the growth of your competency as well as chances to get a promotion. As was mentioned before, excellent writing skills are also an indicator for the employer that a person is credible, reliable, and intelligent. Hence, such an approach to the work also distinguishes a productive and successful worker from the rest. The more skills you have, the more responsibilities you can get in the workplace. Consequently, it will increase the chances to get a promotion.
  6. Peer-to-peer communication
    One more important fact is that excellent writing skills are a required skill for building effective relationships not only with your employer but also with your colleagues. Hence, effective communication can help to improve the leadership skills and to do well with co-workers. Undoubtedly, the reliable approach in regards to the working process as well as communication skills and the leadership skills are the list of the most useful traits of a successful worker.
  7. Creativity of thought
    Writing skills are often associated with a high level of creativity. There is no doubt that creative thought is a desirable characteristic of a potential worker for every employer as far as the innovative approach to the working process is priceless. For instance, managers tend to rely on the worker who has a creative thought and can express ideas concerning various projects in an accurate, attractive, and intelligent manner. Consequently, writing skills can also make you a valuable worker regarding the creativity of thought and ability to be a good leader.

To sum up, excellent writing skills are the crucial factor for getting the promotion and being a valuable employee as well as a successful worker. If you ask us how great writing skills can boost your career, we have an answer - written communication indicates you as a responsible, reliable, creative, productive, and intelligent worker. What is more, having excellent writing skills can increase your chances to be noticed by the employer and to raise your credibility as a successful worker. Indeed, writing competence is a necessary aspect for getting a dream job as well as being promoted in your career ladder.

Bio: Patrick Reeves is a blogger, and content writer. Also likes to travel. He has been writing for several magazines and online resources. He dreams of publishing his own non-fiction book.
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