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Quotes for Success from the Fictional World and the Real World

never give up

By Katherine Reed


Achieving success in business is no small feat, much less global success. Ascending into this realm usually comes after much risk and persistence, regardless of the obstacles. Those who have achieved their goals in this way, similar to Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, William Shakespeare and Steve Jobs are among those who are frequently quoted. If you are in business or looking to launch a start-up, then you need all the support and motivation possible, coupled with nuggets of wisdom. These can be gained from investors, scientists, politicians, and other world leaders.

The successful politicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities, Nobel Prize winners, novelists or actors, who have gone before and achieved their goals, usually have great advice to give those who seek to follow similar pursuits. What is even more remarkable is that many of them have a sense of humor and their quotes still remain very relevant. In addition, there is much that we can learn from their lives, whether this is in the fictional world or the real world. Along with this article, here are many sites that help you with =quote discovery and finding who wrote what.

Continue reading the article as we endeavor to share a number of quotes that will inspire you to succeed, in whatever your pursuits.

The Fictional World

There is much that we can learn from superheroes; after all, they must overcome impossible odds to save the world. Let’s delve into the Marvel Cinematic world for a few nuggets of wisdom.

1. Spiderman

Aunt May is a popular and consistent character in the Spiderman franchise. However, if you listen closely, you will hear her dishing out a nugget or two to Peter, as he faces, not only the challenges of being Spiderman but of being a teenager as well.

“Peter, have fun.” – Aunt May Parker

It is important that we take our time to have fun and enjoy those special moments of life. As we press ourselves, make sacrifices and endure the hardships of seeing our dreams come through, we should be careful that we do not look back in regret. Take time to value and enjoy the benefits along the way.

Ned Leeds was Spiderman’s best friend in the series. He was trusted with Peter Parker’s cherished secrets. Through him, this Marvel character learns a valuable lesson.

“Great Leaders ask questions.”

Without information, you cannot make a correct and sound decision. Endeavor to always gain knowledge about a pursuit before you go off into the unknown. Understanding the facts will also help you to add value, towards any project that you are involved in. One who is hungry for knowledge will often come up with a better solution to any problem.

“Leaders need friends and wise council.”

Success can be a lonely road, but only if you allow it to be. Before or while you are building your castle, look out for people who will be loyal to you, who will tell you the truth and who will defend you. After you have reached the summit, there are many who will try to tear you down; therefore, it only makes sense, that you have a few that have your back no matter what.

Spiderman learned this lesson when he got tangled up with the vulture and on the verge of drowning, Ironman came to his rescue. Not to mention, much of his high-tech resources came from Ironman himself. Friends like these often make the journey easier, as they can offer wise counsel so that you do not make the same mistakes; unless you want to.

“What is it like to be famous and no one knows it’s you?”

The quote above was directed to Spiderman by Ned Landers, it is a very poignant query. Imagine working all your life on a project that you are very passionate about or in a position that you love; however, all the benefit goes to someone else. Could you manage this? How would you react? Could you remain humble in the shadows and serve until your day came?

On the road to greatness, we often have to be servants to another person or personality. One day the humble will inherit; that is, after they have learned from those who have gone before, learned what to do and how to avoid similar mistakes. Sometimes, as you do your job, it is the company that will be recognized and not the individuals. While secretly, behind the scenes someone will know that it was really you. Take comfort in that. Sometimes, we live a life of being the unsung hero.

2. Captain America

“How are you going to make things right?” - Steve Rogers/Captain America

Captain America is known as a ‘goody two shoes.’ He is always aiming to follow the direction of his moral compass. He grew up in an era where men and woman did the right thing, regardless of the consequences or what others say. He is known throughout his shows to encourage others, especially his teammates, to do the same.

Great leaders should consider this also. There are times, which you will find yourself in a position to seek a shortcut or to hurt others as you climb the ladder of success. Remember, there is only so far that you can go and the people you pass on the way up, you will either pass them on your way down, or they will pass you eventually. Do good. Treat people with respect and help as much as you can. In this way, you will gain much respect.

3. Ironman

“Boundaries are good.” – Tony Stark

Ironman can be reckless and full of pride sometimes; however, he has his moments of great insight. There are many who have succumbed to their vain imaginings and puffed up mind; then they fall into the pits of the forgotten. Never think that you have gained so much that you are more superior to anyone else. This will lead to your ruin.

It is important to also set boundaries for yourselves, and also have others be your morality gatekeepers. This is why Presidents seek council and have advisors who might be pastors or respected colleagues. It enhances their leadership capacity and keeps them mindful of others.

Having such wealth, power and responsibility as Tony Stark, as we have seen, in many of the Ironman episodes can prove catastrophic for the world. So too can this be the case of those with political power. Their decisions can impact us globally.

As you can see the cinematic world has a great many important lessons which any leader should heed.

The Real World

1. Robert Frost

“By faithfully working eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work 12 hours a day.” - Robert Frost, American poet

Isn’t this truth! Life of the successful is not easy and often comes with more responsibilities. Robert Frost is one of the most influential, popular and decorated poets in history. As his success grew, so too did he become more famous and his teaching career launched off into the stratosphere. As such, this great poet, found himself teaching for longer hours.

If you are an entrepreneur or businessman, as you build your brand, it will require more of your time. As it gains popularity, it will require a greater investment of your time and attention. That is why, it is important, if possible to have equally successful, skilled and wise supporters or partners, who will be a cornerstone. Carry all the burden can wear you out in the long run.

2. Adlai E. Stevenson

"It's hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse." - Adlai E. Stevenson, politician and UN statesman

This is a funny way of saying that you must be confident, regardless of everything else. Many successful people share in this belief. If you are not confident, you will often second guess your decisions, and this will certainly deter your progress. There will be times when your efforts will seem as if they do not measure up, but oftentimes, investors are not necessarily sold on the person running a business or proposing an idea; they are drawn to the gleam of confidence that they see.

3. Bill Gates

“Be nice to geeks. You’ll probably end up working for one.”- Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

We all know that schools can be some of the cruelest places on earth. Children can be cruel and lack compassion for one another. Many are the stories of those who were treated with little respect in high school or even bullied, only to become hugely successful later in life. What Bill Gates said, is a natural course of life. The people you attend school with will sometimes cycle back into your life as co-workers.

Nerds are usually the ones who are targeted, mostly because people are threatened by their intellect and feel inferior. As such, they are bullied or preyed on. We have all seen movies of nerds having to take a stand and fight against bullies in school. Some of us even have our own personal stories. Regardless, teach your children and others to treat people with respect, it could mean the difference of getting a job position, the backing of an investor or some other accolade in life.

4. William Shakespeare

“Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.” – William Shakespeare

Even the great writer and playwright understood the importance of seeking knowledge; without it you will falter or be made a fool of. Leaders must endeavor to learn as much as possible about their area of interest, their industry and how to be successful and ahead of the trends. In this way they will be guaranteed longevity in a time, where millionaires and new trends are a daily occurrence.

5. Jim Carrey

“Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.” - Jim Carrey, actor and comedian

There is nothing that can bring a man down back to earth, quicker, than his wife. She knows all his secrets and frailty and certainly is not affected by his ego or arrogance. It is good to have someone around who can keep you grounded and that person, more often than not, is your spouse.

People who are overbearing and arrogant are a turn-off. We have a prime example of this in our political arena, on the world stage now; and many US citizens are not impressed. A humble man achieves more and gains more friends than one who likes to blow his own horn. It is good practice to keep true friends, in your inner circle, who won’t be blinded by your success or achievements.

6. Elbert Hubbard

“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” - Elbert Hubbard

Building your empire will have its stressful moments. As you traverse the arena of business and learning about your niche area, you will come across challenges. These you will master in time, so don’t always think it is the end of the world, or that you can’t overcome them. Learn to develop strategies, conduct research and hire diverse and talented staff members. This will eventually create a solid foundation for your business.

Further to this, take a page out of celebrities’ books, and enjoy your accomplishments. Take trips, spend time with your family and spend some of your money on you. It would be a pity to die with the regret of not enjoying the fruits of your labor. Do not get lost in the halls of your workplace, while your family becomes a stranger. The next thing you know, Santa Claus will be giving you an alternative life to learn this valuable lesson, before it’s too late. It is best to take our advice before such an unfortunate event occurs.

Analyze the leaders of companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn to understand how they have accomplished worldwide success. Bill Gates is a philanthropist and contributes to many charities. Warren Buffett maintains his wealth with smart decisions, like living in the same home and driving the same car he had from before he made his millions. Continue to learn from role models who have outlived and outsmarted everyone else.

believe in yourself

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