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Redefined Role of HR in 2022


Human resource management has undergone several changes since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in the year 2020. One thing the HR system has learned the hard way is to: adapt to different situations. Adaptability is the latest trend accepted in today's Human resource management.

Human resources today have included diversity in theirworking module. Nowadays, employees workat their conveniencerather than the old traditional manner. The new normal comes with a term called “Digital workforce,” wherein people work on the same project from different corners of the world.

A hybrid model of working indicates workers shuffling between going to office physically, and working from remote locations for a few days. Nowadays, companies have accepted the hybrid model readily. But the most important factor for today’s Human Resource department is maintaining their employees’ mental health. It is the key factor for the coming years. HR must ensure proper work-life balance in their employees' lives. Adequate HR management skills can boost productivity, improve satisfaction, and increase employee loyalty.

The Role of HR in 2022

  1. Remote Working is the primary most change.Covid-19 Pandemic has forced 70% of employees to work remotely, thereby increasing the workload of the Human Resource department offsite. Due to strict lockdown restrictions, many companies started shifting to the “Work from Home,” and remote working concept for all employees.
  1. HR needs to always curate a healthy environment for employees to work efficiently. HR must include employee engagement activities to make-believe an onsite office environment. They can consist of various interesting and engaging activities in their free time from work.
  1. HR must include the policy of diversity and inclusion into their working pattern. The "Great Resignation" led to the implementation of diversity, inclusion, and equality into the operating environment of any organization post-pandemic. One of the best practices in today's Human resources is including the principles of diversity, inclusion, and equality among the employees.
  1. All of a sudden, when the entire globe faces a downhill with the dreadful situation of Pandemic, that's when HR's role reversal comes into the picture. HR should be ready to face any changes in the policy. Focusing on employees' mental health is as important as introducing any other approach in its working pattern.
  1. One of the best methods to follow in Human Resource Management is to collectemployee feedback from time to time. Proper employee feedback helps you realize the areas which need improvement. This activity will significantly change employee engagement and culture by addressing issues and implementing solutions.
  1. Understanding employees' demands from the primary point of view will be pretty helpful for HR managers and their teams.
  1. Flexibility in work hours and location is still a concern for employees, even after the pandemic situation has calmed down. HR can use soft reasoning like convenience or restored work-life balance to help make a case for flexibility.
  1. Automation can ease off much time-consuming HR tasks, which otherwise would have been tedious. It can generate better predictions of a company's growth and sales or customer complaints. Since now automation and technology are evolving in every sector, why not even HR management inculcate some data analytics and automation tools into their working module.
  1. HR should consider employees' sentiments, aspirations, and feelings. A recent Gartner study states that 75% of HR leaders think they have provided a flexible culture to their employees. But to which only 57% of the employees agreed to. It proves that HR and leadership are not going hand in hand. So, HR needs to rethink and revisit its policies.
  1. The newest HR trend is to build a hybrid workplace setting for employees. Rather than thinking of an actual physical workplace, creating an equitable hybrid work environment will bring stability and structure to the working environment of an organization.


Human Resource Management should be more agile in its working methodologies in 2022. Since Human resources handle the entire life cycle and its Working, they need to be very careful and fragile. As we realize that the covid-19 Pandemic has altered how we perceive our lives, implementing these new trends simultaneously at the workplace will bring you to the forefront of excelling managerial skills.

Whether it is building a better career experience, creating a supportive workplace, employee retention, or hiring great talents, HR systems will be an integral part of the solution. They will be a significant player in all business challenges in 2022.

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