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Recruitment Strategies Guide for HR Professionals

Recruitment Strategies Guide for HR Professionals

Recruiting top-notch employees takes a magic combination of creativity & diligence. Technology and social media make it easier to publish your job postings and vacancies to a broad audience — but to connect with a qualified set of candidates and drive excitement about the role offered and your company, you have to find ways to stand out from other employers.

Here are 7 recruitment strategies from Finesse one of the best hr consultancy in jaipur to help you captivate job seekers, drive interest, create a memorable and long-lasting first impression of your company, and successfully hire top talent.

1. Treat candidates like customers

A candidate's initial impression of your business is crucial, whether during a phone screening, video interview, or in-person interview. It's crucial to give them the impression that you're as eager to get to know them as they are to be considered for the position. Treating candidates the same as your clients is one of the top recruiting strategies.

  • Be respectful of their time. 
  • Be hospitable. 
  • Make yourself available.

2. Use social media

Social networking tools like Linked In and Indeed are excellent hiring methods. It promotes a two-way dialogue and lets you share job postings with your whole network and an even wider audience. Even if the individuals you contact have no interest in the position you are hiring for, they probably know someone who would be a good fit. Additionally, you may provide prospective employees a look into your company culture by posting images and videos from company events, your workplace, or regular office life.

3. Implement an employee referral program

Great people typically surround themselves with other accomplished experts regularly. Even while many of your employees might already be recommending the best candidates they know to fill positions to contacts in their networks, a well-designed employee referral program motivate even more of them to do so. To generate interest in the program, give referral incentives, bonuses, and competitions.

4. Create compelling job descriptions

Writing an eye-catching and detailed job description is one of the most important parts of the hiring process.

Tips to consider:

  • Make titles as specific as possible. 
  • Open with a captivating summary. 
  • Include the essentials. 
  • Highlight your culture. 

5. Use of sponsored jobs to stand out

The visibility of your job ad may wane over time due to the daily posting of hundreds of positions on sites like LinkedIn and Indeed. A sponsored job is one of the most effective strategies to guarantee that your job ad remains distinctive. These sponsored listings are more frequently seen in pertinent search results, and unlike free job listings, their positioning won't regress with time, attracting more qualified candidates. You'll also gain access to our matching engine, which offers a list of applicants whose resumes on Indeed fit your job requirements as soon as you sponsor a position. Then, you may personally ask your top applicants to apply or let us do it on your behalf. 

6. Career Page

Having a well-crafted career page is non-negotiable. It is an essential element of every recruitment strategy for a few reasons. First, candidates expect to find a careers page on your website. Second, it's a great resource for promoting open roles, sharing content, and providing information on the company's mission, culture, and benefits. 

7. Consider consulting with a recruitment agency

Recruiting has many moving aspects, with companies using five or more technologies in their hiring process, and without someone overseeing the whole operations, issues can start to creep in. A recruitment consultancy like Finesse can foster a better candidate and interviewer experience. 

Ready to move beyond strategy?

Companies can no longer only rely on posting job descriptions and afford to hope for the best. They need a cohesive, comprehensive, and effective set of strategies to reach the right candidates at the right time. However, employing these multi-pronged strategies can get too complex to manage manually quickly. That's where Finesse comes into play.

Finesse is a business consultancy that unlocks the power of people, enabling HR departments to build winning talent strategies from sourcing to outreach to hiring. On the backend, Finesse can monitor diversity KPIs, internal mobility, and other recruitment analytics that HR never had access to before.

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