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6 Reasons Why Small Business
Should Use Salesforce

While the idea of starting a business appeals to many people, growing a business does not come on a platter of gold. Even though you want to boost sales, it is more than simply selling your product to available customers.

Why use Salesforce

A business can consider itself successful only if there is an efficient and trusted way of collating leads to transform them into loyal customers and convert them to sales. Even though there are series of software targeted at customer relationships, Salesforce stands out as the top software for business since it encompasses every accessory that makes closing a business deal possible.

This article is centered on why a small business will thrive using Salesforce. But before then, a little definition of what Salesforce is will be pretty helpful.

What is Salesforce?

Series of issues that businesses face regarding customers like closing leads, customer service, sales, etc., needed a robust cloud CRM. The aim was to help save resources, time and streamline enterprise. Salesforce was born in 1999 to upgrade the Cloud CRM, which also defines a fresh era in cloud computing.

Here are reasons why a small business will benefit from using Salesforce:

  1. Salesforce Architecture and Design

Salesforce is like a single platform with the right solution for all business needs. With how large the Salesforce platform is, much of a business's infrastructure can be transferred to the platform. Salesforce Application Architecture and Design is such that there is a constant update with iron-clad security for customer data, reducing the need to have much staff as part of the IT team.

The platform offers a complete view of the customers alongside various ways they can link it to other systems. The proper Salesforce setup including forms for salesforce gives every team member the needed customer data that is pertinent to the job. It will also go a long way to build lasting and effective customer relationships.

  1. Customization

Small businesses will benefit immensely from the fact that Salesforce is highly customizable. The software has many requirements, which will enjoy easy configuration. However, a company might need to add or extend the present configuration to suit the business needs accurately.

For many users, the most significant benefit they derive from Salesforce is the ability to customize it. This happens via integrating personal apps, Salesforce extension from the third party, etc., which gives an all-around solution.

Why us Salesforce
  1. Accessibility

Salesforce is a cloud product, meaning that you can access it as long as there is an internet connection. There is also a mobile app that keeps you in touch with your team every time. As a result, business or marketing managers who need to communicate with clients or teams will find Salesforce helpful. The best solution for Salesforce document generation is given here.

This is incredibly helpful as it removes the need to have a centralized location for your entire business data or information. You need no local server, file cabinet, or anything before accessing your data. They are safely stored in the cloud, where only authorized people from your team can access them. Besides the advantage of security and accessibility, the team can use it to keep themselves updated on clients irrespective of their location. This is a great customer service advantage that would immensely benefit clients.

  1. Makes Collaboration Easy

In Salesforce, there is a built-in communication tool called Salesforce Chatter. With this, employees can collaborate at work, share files, find a solution to issues, exchange ideas, and update projects. This tool is built into Salesforce, making it easy for the team to collaborate on a project, ensuring that all essential information is available at the fingertip.

Salesforce Chatter provides an avenue to keep tabs on the project, update all essential employees, share information, etc., in a secure and private atmosphere. Recently, Salesforce also signed an agreement and spent a considerable sum of money to acquire Slack –one of the top chat platforms for businesses.

  1. Time Management

Salesforce offers users a series of customer information alongside a profound ability to plan, which naturally transforms to the advantage of time management. All essential information primal to managing your clients and organizing their tasks is available at your disposal.

There is also a built-in calendar tool, which helps plan your activity for the day or week. This means that you can be on track through every essential step required to nurture a lead.

  1. Data Security

There have been a series of concerns over cloud security over the years, even though cloud security has proven to be reliable compared to other systems. It is understandable when businesses show concern about having sensitive info in the cloud. When you consider a series of news about data breaches in the cloud, the concerns of businesses are justified.

To take care of this, Salesforce came up with a security model that protects data access at various levels. There is an army of engineers and data security experts whose job is to ensure that information in the cloud is impregnable, so you don’t have to worry.

Why us Salesforce


No matter what you want to achieve, more sales, adjust your work process or close more deals, Salesforce can be helpful. Salesforce is adaptable, and you can use it without restriction in time and place. The software has formed a complex cloud foundation with marketing, Customer service, Analytics, and Support. Its vast adaptability has qualified it for all industries, no matter the niche. With this, irrespective of what your small business is focused on, you can benefit from this platform.

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