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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Hire
Movie Marketing Companies

With any large project, it doesn’t make sense to dump tons of resources into something and tell nobody about it. This is especially true in an ever-expanding film industry that is increasingly competitive each coming year. That’s why it’s essential to create a solid film marketing plan and potentially even hire a movie marketing company if you don’t have internal marketing resources at your disposal.

What Do Movie Marketing Companies Do?

Movie marketing companies have a broad range of expertise, from paid ads, social media management, press conference management, branding, SEO, and more. They are responsible for handling the marketing processes used to promote movies and films for companies with limited in-house marketing talent. Some are pure digital agencies, while others will even host live events for cinema. Every movie marketing company is a bit different in what they offer. Still, generally, they can handle a suitable marketing strategy from end to end for a project, requiring no dedicated marketers within the project itself. However, with their differing areas of expertise, some movie marketing companies will prefer different strategies to others.

What Are The Reasons to Hire a Movie Marketing Agency?

Experience and Expertise

Movie marketing companies comprise many talented individuals from the film industry and other marketing areas. They have countless years of experience marketing and branding projects like video games, movies, TV shows, and more. A film marketing company will be capable of crafting and running a marketing campaign to drum up publicity, awareness, and significant excitement for a movie or film. Utilizing in-house talent alone is unlikely to result in such a coherent and complete strategy.


Not only will movie marketing companies be able to utilize their extensive networks to help your team source talent to complete post-production, but they’ll also have market insights to guide it. Also, they’ll know what the teasers and trailers will need to speak to the target audience properly. This simple advantage can be the difference between billions of dollars in box office sales, an award-winning release, and a total flop.

Audience Research

Many movie marketing companies offer in-depth audience research and analysis. Here’s an example of what the audience analysis can provide:

“Your core audience is 1.5M, and your total potential audience is 18M:

81% of your possible audience is currently living in Brazil and the US.

They are self-reliant, thoughtful, and reserved individuals.

They are authority-challenging - keen to defy traditional values to drive positive societal changes.

With this audience, use metaphors and imagination - include affective words and don’t shy away from negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, and sadness.

Be unexpected, counter-cultural, and challenge the system.”

This information, by itself, can give much-needed guidance to the development of a film. Knowing who it is, that would watch a particular movie based on other films like it is invaluable data. Beyond that, these movie marketing companies can tell you the behaviors of your target audience and how to appeal to them. If your team received the data shown above but had no intention of being somber, symbolic, or counter-cultural, it may give you the courage to slightly shift the course of the plot to appeal to the ideal viewers!

Latest Marketing Technologies

Artificial intelligence, social media, and other technological innovations play a massive role in how people spend their time and how we can find that out. Marketing companies will often have innovative techniques for analyzing the actions and preferences of people, as shown above. Also, they usually take a more modern approach to marketing, ditching old methods like flyers for newer methods like social media buzz and YouTube Ads. These modern techniques offer better ROI(return on investment) in many cases but can also help appeal to a younger audience, which may be necessary depending on the film you’re trying to create.

Boosting Your Brand Image

With the amount of competition, creating a brand image in the film industry can be challenging. Hundreds of thousands of films are released into the world without ever generating enough sales to warrant a sequel or be considered a ‘classic.’ These are lofty goals, but even succeeding at more modest goals, like generating a return, may require a certain level of brand recognition. Marketing companies are masters of branding and recognize what you need to do to position yourself within the market to live in the minds of your viewers, rent-free. This will have people talking about your film or studio offline and online, which is precisely what you want.

Increasing Online and Offline Interaction

Creating brand recognition is one of the ways of generating offline and online discussion about your film. For instance, if your film becomes memorable and recognizable, people might compare future films to yours to describe them. That will build brand equity far into the future for your film and studio. There are, however, other ways to elicit this sort of interaction. For one, a marketing company might guide you to tackle a complex or controversial issue in the film, depending on the audience’s tolerance for this. A single controversial scene might cause thousands or millions of discussions over the next few years and may increase the revenues brought in by the film or at least of subsequent projects by your studio.

Creating Buzz

Before the movie is even released, a marketing company will know how to make people talk about it. Perhaps you leave the audience guessing exactly what the film will be, giving them enough of a hint that speculation ensues. Or maybe the ads themselves are so entertaining or intriguing that people cannot stop talking about them. The same could be true of a trailer or teaser. Creating social buzz after a film’s release might be nice, but buzz that can directly translate into box office sales is twice as nice!

In Summary: Choosing the Right Movie Marketing Company Determines the Success of Your Film

It’s clear how hiring a movie marketing company can be instrumental in the success of your movie. For one, they know what they’re doing and have the technologies to research and advertise well. They’re also experts in branding and can generate tons of online and offline buzz about your film, even before it’s released. However, it’s also important which one you choose. Look at the 10 Best Worldwide Digital Film Marketing Companies to help determine which one you should go with for your film! 

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