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5 Websites to Read Manhwa Online Legally for Free

Read Manhwa Online

A manhwa is a piece of prose fiction that tells a story over a long period of time. Manhwa now come in a variety of sub genres such as mystery, romance, thriller, historical fiction and others. Some basic ways to read manhwa are going to the library or bookstore to read or buy manhwa. However, it is not always possible to buy or find your desired manhwa by these ways. 

Another solution is reading them online on websites. You can find and download many manhwa apps. Reading online can help you to save money while being able to read good books. But you have to ensure that you read manhwa on legal websites to avoid creepy viruses harming your devices. 

Here is a list of 5 websites we suggest you to read manhwa online legally for free: 


Readfreecomics, as known as Rfc, is a website allowing people to upload their comics and novels. It seems to be quite lower quality than the original book because anyone can post their works here. Of course, it is true but if you go a little deeper to search for a qualified story, you can find that there are a lot of talented writers with their great works which you may not find in bookstores or others. 

The authors can earn money by uploading their stories. Readers can read them to support them. Readers are allowed to access the platform and read novels or comics for free. you still have to pay for a few premium manhwa but you still have only a trial to read them. Get the chance!

You should read some romance manhwa such as ‘How to kill a king’- a historical fiction about Min-jun’s intent eliminating the King, ‘Smoke and Murder’- a mystery one, and ‘Godswater’- a fantasy about Elise and a man on the verge on death.

2. has become favorite place of many viewers to read manhwa online. The reason why is that manhwa meaning are updated frequently with a broad range of genres from a lot of good writers. You can read manhwa for free on webmanhwa but they are not ordinary manhwa, they are kinds of unique stories. Great manhwa can be not difficult to find by reader’s vote. If a manhwa is voted on, it can get published. 

How can read manhwa for free on You have to get your hand on fast passes, two fast passes you get two chapters. These are given out for logging in each day. If you invite your friend, you can get two chapters per person. 

In particular, we have to mention the comment function. You can read the reader's comments and also comment on specific graphs. You can find it amazing to use this website to read manhwa online.

3. is another popular website to read kpop idols for free. Bestwebtoon seems to be a social platform to share stories. Like, also have in chapter-commenting part for readers to discuss or comment their thoughts. This website allows users to upload their stories, users can be a reader as well as a writer. 

Users can access to read online for free but some premium stories are only for paid users. If you are a premium member, you get some benefits such as reading without ads, colorful platforms, bonus coins, and unlimited offline manhwa.


Many people don’t have a good look on fanfictions because it is based on a previously published work of fiction. But there are some great manhwa out there. Manhua are not aimed to get money so some of them can be a bit refreshing and if you want to find stories that can never be published, go to fanfictions.


Manytoon is an ideal place where you can read published and real novels.Manytoon is completely free for all users. You can search manhwa,manhua,webtoon or bnovel to read and download them. 

Bonus: Open library

The open library is another website for users to find and read published books for free. There are 3 ways you can borrow books from the Open library. The first one is through OneDrive. Open Library combines with OneDrive so you can read books from over 11,000 libraries. The second one is physical books. You need to answer the questions to be a member to borrow books from libraries around the world.

It is easier to find some places to read manhwa online. We gave you 6 above websites which can help you read manhwa safely, easily and legally.

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