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The Perfect Racking System for Your Warehouse

Racking System for Warehouse

Different Varieties of Racking Systems

Did you ever wonder what the best type of racking system is for pallets and products in your warehouses? The answer can vary widely depending on the type of products you need to store, your space within the warehouse, and how or when you will need to access your products. 

You can take a look at all of these factors for your unique warehousing situation in order to find the ideal racking system to suit your needs. This article will give you an overview of some of the different racking systems you can consider and the benefits of each one.

Selective Racking

Selective racking systems are a great method for working with pallets. They are easy to install and relatively inexpensive compared to other racking solutions. Additionally, they can be altered and tailored for your specific space requirements.

One of the best features of this type of racking system is that you can access any pallet without moving any others. This allows for easy accessibility and a high level of convenience when you move pallets around frequently, making it a popular choice in many warehouses. Since this method requires a bit of space, looking for additional warehouse storage for rent is a good move if you want to expand your business.

Drive-In Racking

In a drive-in racking system, pallets are stored in a continuous 10-metre high block without aisles. Trucks are able to drive directly into the centre of the block to pick up pallets, which is possible because this design does not require any crossbeams. 

This extremely space-efficient racking system is perfect for those who have limited warehouse size to work with. This type of system allows for very dense storage and keeping a large amount of product in a smaller space.

Pallet Flow Track

A pallet flow track is a racking system where pallets of product are stored two to twelve rows deep on a horizontal plane. This approach provides a high density storage where the first pallet stored is the last one retrieved. 

A track installed in the storage system allows pallets to be easily pushed into place following one another. This system works great for time efficient, space efficient storage. As long as the first-in, last-out system is preferable for your method of operations, a pallet flow track system could be a great solution to your warehousing needs.

The Best Racking System For Your Warehouse

Whatever warehouse space you are working with, there is a good racking system to help you store and move your products how you need to. Remember to consider all the aspects of your warehousing needs when choosing your racking system type, including space, product type and shape, and frequency of access for stored products. Each warehousing environment is different and no one solution can fit every situation or type of product. The best system for your warehouse will be one that meets all your needs and makes your work more efficient and convenient.

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