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Is Quillbot Reliable to Use for
PhD Dissertation Writing?



Many tools help researchers in paraphrasing the sources online. You can insert a chunk of text in the paraphraser tool online, and it will rephrase the wording for you. Quillbot is one of the paraphrasing tools available online that rephrases text chunks. PhD dissertation writing requires providing references from various sources to strengthen your arguments. You cannot repeat quotes throughout the text. Its because the excess usage of direct quotations increases the similarity index. Paraphrasing is an effective technique to provide evidence of various ideas of different authors. Authors can use Quillbot for PhD dissertation writing; they need to keep some things in mind. This article will tell you how can you use Quillbot for PhD dissertation writing.

What is Quillbot?

Quillbot is a writing assistant tool enabled by Artificial Intelligence. It helps students and professionals paraphrase sentences and paragraphs. Writers can reduce their writing time by using the Quillbot paraphrasing tool. The free version allows the writers to paraphrase the text in the standard and fluent mode. But the premium features can paraphrase the text in a formal, simple and creative style. The premium version also features the option of expanding or shortening a sentence or a paragraph. Writers can also install the Microsoft Word plugin and seeks assistance from Quillbot as they write. Also, writers can install the extension of Quillbot in Google Chrome for writing.

How do Quillbot works?

Writers who intend to use Quillbot for PhD dissertation writing can follow the following steps:

  1. Copy the text from any source and paste it into the Quillbot 's left side box.
  2. Select the paraphrase option
  3. The writing assistant rephrases the words and sentences in the adjacent box.

The tricky part is that it is not wise to depend on the paraphrased text of the tool. Quillbot is only suitable for providing suggestions for synonyms and phrases. Writers who use this tool for PhD dissertation writing will have to rephrase the words and choose appropriate synonyms. Quillbot only gives you indications and suggestions. It is important to remember that the grammatical structure of a paraphrased text is usually incorrect. Quillbot only changes the synonyms and noun phrases and strings them together to change the wording. But it changes the meaning and context of the sentences or paragraphs. It leads to the loss of essential information and ideas in the text. So, caution is necessary if you want to use Quillbot for PhD dissertation writing. A PhD dissertation requires correct grammatical structure, and there must be cohesion among the ideas. It paraphrases large chunks of text that might lead to distortion of ideas and grammatical errors.

Can Turnitin detect plagiarism in the text paraphrased through Quillbot?

Plagiarism is not solely concerned with copying someone else's ideas verbatim. But it also entails copying the ideas of others even when you are writing them in your own words. Turnitin can detect the copied ideas from the other sources even if you have paraphrased the ideas through Quillbot. Quillbot is just a writing assistant that can provide you with suggestions and synonyms to change the wording. You will have to provide the proper citations and references for copied ideas. If you do not provide the citations and references, it is academic dishonesty, and your dissertation might get rejected.

Authors can use Quillbot for getting assistance in PhD dissertation writing, but they must not completely rely on it. Artificial Intelligence and digital technologies are helping writers to reduce their writing time. These are great tools that facilitate modern writers by making their work easy and convenient. But technology must not be misused because even though you paraphrase someone's ideas, it is still intellectual theft. A PhD dissertation aims to add value to the existing body of literature and provide a unique perspective on the issue. But if you rely too much on Quillbot for PhD dissertation writing while thinking that you will get away with copying someone's ideas and presenting them as your own is nothing but intellectual theft.

How can you use Quillbot for PhD dissertation writing?

  1. Paraphrase yourself
    The first technique in using Quillbot effectively for PhD dissertation writing is not to rely entirely on it. After Quillbot paraphrases the text for you, go to the edit section and select the synonym range, which specifies either the change should be less accurate or more accurate with fewer changes. Paraphrase the text again as per your needs and requirement. The next thing to do is go to each word and look for the suggested synonyms and noun phrases. It is important to remember that using complicated words unnecessarily reduces the readability and comprehension of the text. You must use those synonyms that seem right within the context and clarify the intended meaning.
  2. Paraphrase a few sentences
    You must paraphrase a few sentences because when you paraphrase the entire paragraph, Quillbot 's results are disappointing. It does not provide accurate changes, so it is best to paraphrase only a couple of sentences for clarity.
  3. Correct the Grammatical Structure
    Quillbot tampers the grammatical structure of the original text, and essential meaning gets lost in the conversion. You must rely on your intuition and judgement to fix grammatical mistakes. It is essential to make sure that even though the words are rephrased, they must retain the essential meaning of the text.
  4. Provide Citations
    It is important that even though you paraphrased someone else's ideas through Quillbot, you must acknowledge them. Provide the proper references and citations while using Quillbot for PhD dissertation writing.


Quillbot is a valuable writing assistant for dissertation writing and paraphrasing. It is enabled by Artificial Intelligence and provides useful synonym suggestions and noun phrases. But it is vital to use Quillbot with caution and not rely entirely on it. You must provide the citations as well to avoid plagiarism in your dissertation.

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