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Five Pros & Cons of Turning to an AI Essay Writer

AI Essay Writer

Digitalization is taking over. Some love it, while others hate it. And the new hot thing is AI essay writing software. Now, think about all the things that you had to suffer through when writing essays on your own. Ripping your hair out while trying to articulate your point of view and gathering all the pieces of supporting evidence. And that’s not all…

  • Reviewing all the materials
  • Picking up the proper words
  • Making sure that you tie all the loose ends
  • Proofreading and formatting your paper

Ordering a paper is not the ultimate solution. An assignment writer is just a human, after all, and they can misunderstand the task. And figuring that before the submission is not the most pleasant thing in the world. Probably, turning to an will surely solve all of your problems, right? Well, let’s figure that out, starting with the advantages of using AI writing software.

Writing Fast

Well, you know what writing an essay is like, especially when you have hours before the submission. You panic; you fear that you’re not going to finish it before the deadline. And it’s extremely difficult to concentrate. Sometimes, you have nothing else to do than rely on assignment writers. But they are not machines; they cannot finish your essay on time, especially when you order it three hours before the submission.

Yes, miracles do happen — you figure it all out at the last minute, or the service finds the fastest writing author in a matter of minutes, but you can’t rely on miracles when you need work to be done.

Things are surely different with the AI essay writing software. It doesn’t need to think too much, as it gets all the information from the Internet and just re-phrases it differently, so it becomes unique.

Saving Your Money

The most cost-free thing, unless you don’t have to buy some of the materials, is writing an essay on your own. But you know that’s not always the case. And when you have to order a paper, by for example, especially when you require it urgently, you have to pay. You know the prices may range from $19 to $120, depending on the subject’s difficulty and the urgency of your need.

Things are really different when it comes to AI doing your paper. It’s not an assignment writer that has to dedicate their own time to your homework. It’s just artificial intelligence designed to analyze and reformat information. Thus, using AI essay writing software will surely be less costly. You definitely won’t have to pay $120 for a five-page paper.

It all seems perfect so far. However, nothing comes without disadvantages. You know the main benefits of using AI essay writing software. Now, it’s time to learn the downsides of using it.

AI Makes Mistakes Too

What are the main criteria of a paper writing assessment? Focus, development, grammar, style, and conventions. AI may fare better with grammar and conventions than you, but it may still confuse American English with British English and format your paper in MLA while you need it in APA. Focus, development, and style may not be AI’s strong points.

Besides, AI depends on your instructions. Give it the wrong instructions, and instead of a perfect paper, you will get misleading content. You needed it to analyze homoerotic undertones in “Moby-Dick,” and it ended up creating something a la “Supernatural” fan fiction or made your paper look homophobic.

AI Lacks Imagination

Digitalization makes a lot of things easier, and it has gone a long way from primitive computers to chatbots that can help patients with depression. Speaking of chatbots, while they can help patients, it doesn’t mean that we can ditch the shrinks thanks to them. Why? Because the empathy that they have is programmed. And it lacks the analytical skills of the shrink.

The same goes for AI writing software. It lacks the imagination of a human writer, and it may confuse the emotions that the writing should provoke. AI was once tasked with creating a perfect pop song: it ended up creating a song called “Blue Jeans & Bloody Tears.” Check it out, it’s good for laughs, but an essay like that will unlikely satisfy your professor.

It Won’t Improve Your Writing

Ordering a paper doesn’t always mean not writing it yourself. For example, when you’re browsing through admission essay writing services, you’re most likely going to order the paper just to check the way it should be written. And quite frequently, ordered papers are used as drafts for the final essay that you will submit. And that improves your writing.

When you rely heavily on essay writing machines, you may get great papers, which will bring you good grades, but your writing skills will stagnate. And it will make you more dependent on writing machines in the future. You’ll end up using AI for everything, from writing a work email to leaving a note for your partner.

Final Thoughts

AI Essay Writer

There’s a line in the chorus of “Blue Jeans & Bloody Tears” that goes: “there’s no life without your life in misery.”

Yes, we have to rely on machines out of misery. When you’re out of time, you can opt for the deus ex machina of AI essay writing services, but get ready for the consequences. It may not end up in the rise of the machines, but it can surely end up in a confusing essay.

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