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Top Promotions to Elevate Restaurant Operations During Christmas and New Year's Eve

Restaurant Operations During Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year again! Christmas and New Year's Eve are enormous opportunities for restaurants to elevate customer experiences with creative promotions.

One of the most common promotion strategies is a menu QR code where restaurants can customize their food selections according to the occasion. They offer something unique to customers to let them feel the season even better.

Aside from the QR code menu, restaurants can have many different ways to elevate their operations during Christmas and New Year's Eve. Here are the top picks.

Set up Christmas decorations

To elevate the Christmas vibes, set up decorations all around your restaurant. With just how rich the culture of Christmas is, restaurants can have different themes, such as White Christmas, Red and Green theme, and more.

Matching your decorations with the menu selections is a neat option, too! For example, if you decided to set up a grinch-themed Christmas decoration, having grinch-themed desserts can offer a better overall ambiance in restaurants.

Match the vibes with a Spotify playlist

The Christmas and New Year's Eve vibes are also about the music! As mentioned, the holiday has a rich culture and is often the topic of some of the most popular songs. Restaurants have plenty of options for music playlists.

If you're looking for a well-curated playlist for dining, check out the Pop Christmas Playlist for your Restaurants. It's a comprehensive list of Christmas songs from the classics like All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey to more contemporary pop like Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande. 

Create a promotion on social media

Restaurants can take advantage of social media during the peak holiday season. Running a discount promotion can be effective in encouraging customers to dine or order takeaway from your restaurant.

Promotions don't have to be complex. Restaurants can run a promotion, prompting customers to share what they're most thankful for for the past year. Tag their friends and make sure to follow your social media pages. Then, draw a winner for a complimentary meal or discount when dining with friends or family.

Running a promotion increases your orders and boosts your social media presence! With more people following your pages, there are better chances of successful results on social media campaigns for the following occasions.

Adjust your business hours

With just how many people dine it during and leading up to Christmas and New Year's Eve, restaurants will be packed! Even beyond business hours, many customers may still look for a place to dine with their family and friends.

Adjusting business hours is crucial to ensure restaurants take advantage of the influx of people. However, restaurants also need to consider that their staff may want to spend the holidays with their loved ones.

Instead of hiring more people to work in the restaurant for a holiday, you can integrate and take full advantage of a QR code menu. With advanced automation features, restaurants can use the tool for online ordering, payment processing, customer feedback, and more.

An advanced QR code menu allows the restaurant to run at total capacity, even within a limited workforce. As a result, the business can have lower labor costs, keep their employees happy during the holiday, and increase sales and investment returns!

Elevate your dining experience with a QR code menu

A QR code menu offers plenty of benefits for restaurants, especially amid the busy and peak season of Christmas and New Year's Eve!

To benefit from all advanced QR code menu features, use a trusted QR code menu generator with customization, data tracking, and analytics features. This way, restaurants can elevate their dining experience and have the jolliest time of the year — in experience and sales!

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