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7 Effective Ways to Promote Your
Restaurant Business

The competition in the hospitality industry is getting tougher so if you have a restaurant business, getting ahead of the competition should be your priority. To start with, you can focus on promoting your business and attracting more customers. Here are some effective tips to get your restaurant marketing strategy on track.

Social Media Management

Your social media presence is very important in this age where people spend most of their time on social media platforms. If you are active on social media, you can attract more prospects and engage more customers. Use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to the fullest; post high-quality content, updates and promotions to convince your target audience more. Since you are running a restaurant, it is important to invest in top-quality images of the foods and drinks you serve. If your photos are good, your audience will surely be tempted and the more they see those photos, the more they will be drawn to your products.

Functional Website

If you want your restaurant business to grow, you need to set up a professional and functional website. This is important because this is where your prospects and target customers will go to know more about your products and services. You may be thinking setting up your website is a lot of work but you’ll see that is definitely worth all the costs and effort. Like in your social media posts, you should also use high-definition, mouth-watering photos on your website to lure your visitors. Also, make sure that your website is easy to navigate. The more user-friendly it is, the more visitors will come back to your website and probably go to your restaurant.

Restaurant’s Outdoor Area Upgrade

Give your customer’s patio experience a boost by making an outdoor area upgrade. Start by making ordering easier with technology from, which can also attract passers-by with easy-to-read signage of your menu offerings. Think of a theme that will make your restaurant look more refreshing at first sight. You can choose from a picnic, beach party, garden party, bbq and other cool themes. To easily attract passers-by, place an air dancer in your restaurant’s patio. Some people like drinking or eating in the patio to get some fresh air so be creative in spicing up your patio decorations. For some entertainment, you can also provide live music such as an acoustic session. You can even host yard games such as bingo, horseshoes, table tennis or beach volleyball.

Food Blogging

When promoting your restaurant business, you need to leverage every small opportunity. To reach more target customers and increase brand awareness, you can start blogging about your food. Blogging also helps in generating leads and may even increase it by 89%, if you know how to nurture your leads. Here are some tips to power up your food blog:

  • Write original content – Your audience will love your content if it is unique and not just a recycled blog article.
  • Make your blog easy to navigate – Make sure your visitors will find it easy to comment on your blog and share your content on social media platforms.
  • Be open for articles – Invite other food bloggers and influencers to write for your blog. It also helps if someone who has a “say” in the industry will share their expertise on your blog.

Mobile App Loyalty Program

Consider creating a mobile app where your customers can order directly. Because a lot of people use their mobile phones, you are offering them extra convenience so they can be more productive at work or at home. While you have your mobile app for your restaurant business, make sure to integrate customer loyalty programs. Customers love being rewarded regardless of how small the reward is. Take this opportunity to increase interactions with your customers and develop deeper connections with them. It will also help you gather user behavior information that will help in improving your products and services.

Online Reservations

Convenience is something you should offer your customers all the time. One way to do this is to offer online reservations. Whether your customers are at work or at home, they will still prefer to make a reservation online than make a call. You can include this option on your website as well as your mobile app so they can make a reservation without any stress. You may also use online reservation tools such as OpenTable where your customers can browse menu items, view ratings and pick an exact reservation date and time.

Partnership with Delivery Services

Food delivery services are now a hit anywhere in the world. This makes ordering food from various food establishments really quick and convenient. Partner with the most popular delivery services such as Uber Eats, Eat24, Postmates, and GrubHub. Customers just need to register with the delivery service app and choose from a wide array of restaurants and food establishments in their area. Because the competition is a little tough with this marketing strategy, you should provide high-quality images of your products and generate positive reviews. A lot of consumers read reviews before they make any purchase so it is important to always improve your food and customer service.

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