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Everything You Need to Know About
the Profession of Copywriter

Initially, it was believed that the copywriter is a person who writes advertising texts. On the Internet they call almost everyone who writes texts for placement on the network. But this is not quite true.

People who create informational, SEO-articles are more correctly called web-writers. A copywriter writes texts, stimulating the growth of sales, promoting products, services, people, etc.

Typically, copywriting includes:

  • posts in social networks;
  • texts "About company";
  • manifests;
  • texts for landing pages;
  • storytelling (how to influence audience by telling stories with real or imaginary characters);
  • naming (creating names and slogans for brands);
  • writing commercials;
  • writing marketing-kits;
  • writing letters for e-mail distribution;
  • scripts for selling and training videos, commercials.

How much does a copywriter earn?

The level of the copywriter's earnings depends on his skills and experience. There is no specific bar. At the initial stage while working on the content exchanges the royalties will be miserable. Over time, when the author gains experience, he finds customers outside the exchanges, his skills increase and the level of payment increases.

High-level professionals are no longer baffled by the search for clients. They find the authors themselves and are willing to pay serious money for good work. But again, there are no specific numbers.

The cost of a copywriter's work is determined not only by the author's qualifications. A great role is played by the ability to sell their services. It happens that a mediocre author is more confident than a competent perfectionist, and looks like a great professional to the customer, that is. creates a high EXPECTED value of the service. But to be long-lasting in the marketplace, you have to live up to the stated value. That is, and the REAL value of the service must be high. And it is determined just by the author's qualification.

What a copywriter needs to know

In addition to basic literacy and skills in text editors to write articles, a copywriter needs:

  1. Be able to get into a topic quickly. It is good if the author has worked with what he writes about. Or he always has the right experts at his fingertips who will give advice. If not, you will have to quickly and deeply immerse yourself in the topic.
  2. Master different styles of writing. On the one hand it is important for a copywriter to have his own style, and on the other hand - to be able to adapt to the format required by the client. It is desirable to be able to write in different formats (instruction, review, analytical article, case, etc.) and optimize texts for modern requirements of search engines.
  3. Be able to write for people. You should have an easy-to-understand slogan and be able to convey information to the reader in understandable language: without clichés, stamps and florid phrases.

Writing advertising and sales texts requires a deeper and more versatile knowledge.

Copywriter needs to be able to:

  1. Conduct a marketing analysis of your target audience and competitors. It is important to understand who exactly you will sell to, and find out: who and on what terms sells a similar product.
  2. Write for different products and formats.
  3. Work with Google Analytics. In order to be able to assess whether the text fulfills its objectives, and where exactly there are shortcomings.
  4. Know Google services (Tables, Documents, Websites) and MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  5. Know the principles of SEO and SMM. To promote your texts competently in search engines and social networks.
  6. To work with programs for creating prototype webpages (Google Docs, Axure, Moqups).

What qualities a copywriter should have

In addition to professional skills, a copywriter will also need to have a lot of personal qualities. They are not directly related to the task, but can have a decisive influence on the results of the work:

  • Sociability. In all its manifestations. This includes: the ability to ask the right questions and hear the answers; the ability to feel emotionally the audience for whom the text is intended; teamwork skills, etc.
  • The ability to adequately take criticism. No matter how well you handle criticism, remember: it's not directed at you personally, but specifically at the text. Do not take it personally. And the text can always be corrected.
  • The ability to plan time, prioritize, self-motivate. To make the most efficient use of working time.
  • General erudition. To sift out false facts from the truth without fact-checking.

And, certainly, the copywriter should have an analytical mind combined with a vigorous imagination and the ability to think outside the box. These skills will be useful while writing a text to make the material logically structured, but not dry, like an accounting report.

Author’s Bio:

Jean Hartley is a content writer in a custom writing service, that provides quality assistance for students. Jean also enjoys reading books and dreams of writing her own book someday.

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