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The Top Three Productivity Hacks Managers Must Know

Everyone wants to know how to eke out more out of their day. In a borderline obsessive search for better productivity, Silicon Valley powerhouses have dabbled in increasingly experimental methods. Microdosing, fasting and overhauling their sleep cycles all in the name of greater efficiency.

Are they fads? Or do they have any merit whatsoever?

Either way, they demonstrate the frenzied appetite there is for productivity.

In this piece, we’ve tried to help out struggling managers by delving into some of the hacks we believe can have a tangible impact on your productivity.

Declutter your digital devices

Smartphones are never far from our grasp, making circumnavigating the distraction and delay they cause incredibly tricky.You might need it close to hand to take a call from a colleague but, ultimately they cause more harm than good.

Packed full of apps that demand our constant attention, they can be difficult to ignore.

Part of this is due to the addictive nature of many social media apps. UX designers for social media companies understand the psychology that drives use of these apps. Frequently, they simulate the intoxicating effect of the gambling experience: each spin rewards our brain with new, exciting things to take in.

So, what is the solution to this app problem? Another app.

There are so many out there that help block out some of the external noise that detracts from your daily tasks and responsibilities. You can set your phone to be completely inaccessible or turn off the apps that you find irresistible.


It might sound like a bit of a truism but communication is still the most important weapon in a manager’s artillery. Harnessing the plethora of communication tools we have available today is the secret to productive workdays. Finding the right balance depends on your team’s preferences, needs and budget.

Many companies have adopted instant messaging services. Why bother with email when an instant messaging service allows you to discuss so much more, so much faster? It eliminates the need to wait days and days for a response. You can also organise chats into groups or tasks so only the people that need to be there are involved.

Streamlining communication can result in marked efficiency boosts across the board. Getting rid of any unnecessary checkpoints that stall and delay results can be so helpful and allow your team to get so much more done.

Build relationships and delegate responsibilities

One of the major headaches of any managerial role is learning how to delegate tasks to your team in an optimal fashion.

Being able to delegate effectively hinges on knowing your team exhaustively. What their strengths and weaknesses are, what they like and dislike and what motivates them. All of this knowledge can be gleaned by taking an interest in each and every person and taking the time to get to know them.

Armed with this intel, you can then set about delegating tasks and responsibilities to those best equipped to do them effectively and efficiently.

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