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Product Packaging Design Trends for 2021

With the pandemic, we saw the importance of e-commerce to us and it’s here to stay for some time. Walking the aisles of a store was replaced with online purchases.

The goal here is not to replace the brick-and-mortar experience, but to meet the consumers where they are currently and where they are later on. Designers and business owners are raising the bar to deliver the right product packaging of their brand and keep the cash register busy.

Improve your brand experience with these stimulating product packaging trends for 2021.

Why Packaging Design Matters?

A customer’s journey to your product starts with packaging, it is the initial interaction that a customer has with your product. Once it catches a buyer’s attention, you are ahead of your competitors. It is a representation of your brand, the quality that the product offers, and it tells your story.

Let us walk you through the reasons why packaging design matters.

Creates an experience

Packaging is experiential, you can apply that knowledge in designing your package. It should ensure that the consumer has a wonderful experience the entire way and at every touch point.

You may have noticed that there are channels on YouTube that are dedicated to unboxing products. People are having a fun time when they begin opening the boxes.

Packaging can make a product look expensive, functional, or any which way you wish.

Protects the product

No one wants to open a package to find that the item inside is damaged. Packaging should protect the product from the manufacturing facility until the consumer opens the package. Many companies provide seals to avoid tampering and preserve the safety and integrity of the product.


Good packaging should contain instructions on how to assemble, use, and maintain the product.

Promotes the product

Packaging can be the best salesperson for your product. Information about the product will make life easier for consumers and promote customer satisfaction. You will make a happy customer if they understand what they are purchasing. Some companies forego lengthy instruction and use a window box package and let the product speak for itself.

Attracts buyers

It’s important to catch the eye of the buyer that is why well-designed packaging will go a long way into putting your product on their hands. Colors, designs, high-quality materials will encourage the consumer to pick up your product from the rest.

Stand out from the competition

Walking through the aisles of a store will confuse a buyer with similar items on the same shelf. It is important to differentiate your product from the competition. And a well-designed and eye-catching product packaging will do the trick. It could be that the shape and size are the same as the competitors, but the design is different. Or use clear plastic boxes to stand out from the competition.

Product Packaging Design Trends

Businesses are constantly finding ways to improve the packaging to protect the product and to produce something that is unique and stimulating that attracts a buyer’s attention. In a store where everything is lined up on a shelf, customers are looking for signs or notions that will help them in their buying decision.

Colors, shapes, and other elements that will surprise viewers will emerge on the market scene.


Less is better when creating packaging designs, presentations are clean and free from clutter. Unwanted elements from a design are avoided and only those that bear a brand’s message are maintained.

Transparent designs

Consumers would like to see the product rather than just reading the label. They want to have some understanding and feel of the product before purchasing it.


With a simple packaging design, the label can be easily read and clutter-free areas allow consumers to read the important details about a product.

Black and white

Black and white are standard but meaningful colors. These are powerful colors that emote elegance and confidence which make a design look vibrant. Overuse of color will muddle the design of the package, and going basic will make a package stand out on a shelf.

Vintage design

It’s about vintage elements from yesteryears that are brought to modern times. Since it withstood the test of time, vintage labeling gives the impression of quality and reliability.

How Packaging Trends Will Shape 2021

An awesome product is not enough to sell. You need packaging to do the selling. It takes the lead in the buying process. Buyers see and fiddle with your packaging before they make contact with your product.

Packaging design is constantly evolving and it should never be overlooked and left outdated. Consumer’s needs should be aligned with packaging. The COVID-19 pandemic has a huge impact on the packaging industry and consumers see packaging as a barrier between the product and the virus.

As the year draws to a close let us look at what 2021 has in store...

Tiny illustrated patterns that disclose what’s within

Patterns and illustrations can do more than the bells and whistles and it can tell the story of the product. The intricate design of packaging can give you a clue of what’s inside. Illustrations are an abstract representation of the product rather than the product itself. For instance, triangles for tortilla chips or cute, minimal popcorns for a popcorn bag.


Expect to see packaging with an old-school look that your grandparents would love. It’s about vintage-inspired elements, shapes of bottles, materials, exterior textures, and creative visuals that will make you feel the product was frozen in time.

Simplistic geometry

Packaging designs will focus on bold geometry marked by slick lines, sharp points, and expressive tones. These patterns are abstract and won’t give you a hint of what’s inside. It may appear plain from the start, but it’s an inspirational way of conveying your message and leaving a lasting impression.

Product names front and center

The packaging’s star design is the name of the product instead of artworks or logos. Each letter of the product will be creatively illustrated making it feel like the packaging design is an artwork by itself, giving it a unique personality.

Story-driven packaging

An effective branding extends their story to their packaging. Characters will go beyond being mascots, you’ll see these mimes acting out their life stories. So instead of heading to the website or ads to learn about their brand story, you can catch their tale through a buyer’s package.

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