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How Your Product Packaging Colors Affect Customers?

Product packaging is one of the most important and impactful features when selling a product. It has become an element of the marketing strategy and hence should be paid attention to. There are strange games of colors on product packaging and their impact is unbelievably strong. Colors are used to engage the audience as it helps to generate a response from the audience. Colors help tell a story and can help you tell your story through personalized packaging.

Colors and their impact on the human mind

Colors from around the world are associated with the color wheel where every individual color holds a position and a meaning in the eyes of the viewer. Some of the examples are listed below:

  • Blue portrays calmness and trust; used on ambulances, water bottles, hospital walls, and equipment.
  • Purple portrays luxury and lavishness; can be used on luxury products such as makeup, furniture, car seats, etc.
  • Red portrays intense and urgent; use on the ambulance siren, racing cars, sale signs, order now signs, chili sauce.
  • Black portrays danger and darkness but also class; used for cars, luxury suits, cigarettes, technology, etc.
  • White portrays pure but also cold; every packaging has a bit of white in it, used mostly for soap, etc.
  • Grey portrays balance; things that fall between black and white.
  • Pink portrays feminist; mostly in women's skincare products.
  • Orange portrays excitement; mostly on kid’s products such as nickelodeon, candies, etc.
  • Yellow portrays happiness; used for candies, juices, etc.
  • Green portrays nature and calmness; mostly refers to security.
  • Brown portrays earth and trust

However, these are the generic meanings and perspectives of colors and might change from person to person and their perspective towards it. For example, blue and white can also be seen as cold colors. Black can also be seen as a classy color, brown can also be seen as a low class or dirt-associated color. Hence perspectives towards colors also differ the consumer response towards them. These meanings can affect the consumer's insight towards the product and might affect their course of action towards the products. Studies showed that color red promoted impulse buying of products whereas blue promoted thoughtful buying.

Sets up the theme of the packaging

These sets of colors when used individually generate a different impact than when used together in patterns. Color combination with one another and association of the combination to the product also affects consumer behavior. These colors can be used to set up the theme of packaging. A combination of complementary and contrasting colors is used together to make patterns, designs, and graphics. These color combinations are also used in the writing and background of the packaging.

Color theme is highly dependent on the nature of the product, if you are packaging skincare products the theme is usually in a lighter tone. If you are packaging toys the theme is colorful mostly orange or yellow. If you are packaging cars, watches, mobile the theme is usually black or purple to indicate class and lavishness.

Hence setting up a theme of your packaging will aid in consumer understanding of your product.

Catches the attention of customers

Colors play a vital role in attracting customers to your product. Bright and nicely themed colors help grabs consumer attention of customers from a distance. Combinations are made using complementary and contrasting colors from the color wheel. These colors are then used side by side to make patterns, graphics, or any such thing.

It is important to follow the universal color wheel and make use of complementary and contrasting color themes as it affects human response. The human mind tends to respond to colors as it recognizes surroundings ad build perspectives according to the colors. The human mind produces neuron signals when laid eyes upon colors which can be both positive and negative, this then leads to the positive or negative human reaction towards the product.

Therefore, colors can be used to generate a positive response towards the product. As when a person lays eyes on the packaging he/she will be curious and attracted to know more about the product.

Effect the decision of customers

The decision of customers can be altered using colors. Colors that are set together will generate a positive response as they will look good to the human eye. Whereas those that resist each other will look odd to the eye and lead to no or negative consumer response towards the product.

The consumer's decision to buy the product is also dependent on colors. Using complementary and contrasting colors will enhance the packaging. Having a good quality and themed packaging will automatically indicate that the product inside it is also of good quality. This will encourage customers to buy the product. As expectation set by color affects product experience Hence it is true to say that colors play a role in enhancing product sales.

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