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Family Business Preserves Precious Memories Through Tape & Film Conversion to Digital Files & DVDs

1967 New York World's Fair

1967 New York World's Fair
Images are Property of Robertson Media Services LLC

BETHEL, CT — We all have them laying around the house— old VHS home movies, Sony 8mm Handycam home movies, 8mm and 16mm film, and more. The evolution of technology has left many of us with our home movies in older formats that we can no longer play and even worse, they’re deteriorating. Enter John Robertson, Bethel, Conn. resident and expert memory preserver.

Robertson is the founder of Create My DVD and has been the sole employee since 2003. He said it's the personal attention to detail that sets him apart from the big box stores.

"I separate my business from the drop-off Costco and Walgreens stores by transferring your tapes and film right here in Bethel, giving you personal service, attention to detail and will try to work with you if you're on a budget."

Robertson explained that many times old tapes or film can be difficult to transfer and many people don't have a VCR or other devices to play the recordings in the older formats.

"Sometimes I spend hours on a tape that won’t play but stay determined to get the best possible transfer from it," Robertson said. "In fact, if my customers had sent these troublesome tapes to Costco or Walgreens, the picture and sound quality would have come out awful, if at all."

1967 New York World's Fair

1967 New York World's Fair
Images are Property of Robertson Media Services LLC

Robertson's clients don’t want to hang onto boxes of film Reels, Slides or VHS, but they do want to save their memories on a digital format.

”Our customers love our movie film conversion service because the final product is usually much better than they were expecting. Such results only come from experience, time and professional film scanning equipment. Our professional 8mm film scanner was originally designed for use in Hollywood by the Movie Academy Film Archive, and now Create my DVD uses that same professional film unit to convert your film reels," he shared.

One customer said that Robertson's work, helping to preserve the memory of her father was "priceless."

"My father was killed in an accident in 1982 and to me those 10 seconds of him playing with me as a baby are priceless. I can't believe how clear the film was restored to upon the conversion and how vibrant you made the color."

Another happy customer said, "My Dad is still talking about how it's the best gift he has had in a very long time, and is genuinely so very happy and thrilled with the gift. I haven't seen him this happy about a gift EVER! Hats off to you John, you're the MAN!”

As a married father of four and a local small business owner, Robertson said he hopes that people will support his family businesses who takes the time needed, pays attention to detail and has the experience necessary to preserve such precious, priceless memories.

For more information, visit, call (203) 744-4383 or email.

Photo: World’s Fair 1967, from a client that brought Create My DVD 2,000+ slides for restoration. John Robertson converted these to digital and corrected the faded color.

Photo credit: R. Hyncik

Create My DVD is changing its name to Robertson Media Services LLC. Same Owner, same service just a name change:

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