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Five Highly-Paid Positions You Can Work for
with a Bachelor's in Communications

Bachelor in Communications

As times change, students have a wealth of career opportunities open for them. Companies are now looking for candidates with multiple skills to help take their brands to the next level. While different professions are increasingly crucial to companies, communications jobs are vital in a business market increasingly geared towards customer satisfaction.

Some of the most successful ad campaigns, alliances, and fundraisers are taken care of by graduates with professional degrees in communication. However, working in the sales and marketing sector isn't the only option available to communication degree holders. This degree isn't just incredibly engrossing but super lucrative in a variety of fields. If you're interested in learning more about the highest paying professions you can pursue with a bachelor's in communication, keep reading below.

PR managers

Working as a PR manager is easily one of the most lucrative career paths to pursue with a bachelor's in communication. Public relations campaigns are some of the most important aspects for companies to consider.

However, if they want to develop long-lasting relationships with their clients and maintain a reputable brand image, in particular. In that case, they help organizational leaders field media questions, cover essential issues in press conferences, and design communication and advertisement statements.

A degree in communication prepares you for an illustrious career as a PR manager. You can learn to pitch various campaigns tailored to different clients. PR managers need to focus on the crucial area of media strategy and tailoring solutions in an increasingly digitized world. You can learn how to handle social media for marketing under a faculty of successful media strategists. In the modern-day and age, you can't ignore the benefits of e-learning. There are tons of short courses, diplomas, and degree programs available online. Hence a communication degree online allows you to put together a stellar portfolio with hands-on experience, writing skills, and strategic insights into media strategy.

Market research analyst

Working as a market research analyst can pave the way for a successful future. First, you have a challenging yet gratifying job with immense financial benefits. Second, you can quickly start your career as a market analyst with a bachelor's in communication. Third, identifying market trends is vital before companies launch new products or advertisement campaigns. They analyze various market conditions such as client demand, economy, current trends, and more.

As the market rapidly changes across all niches, the demand for market analysts will grow exponentially in the coming years. BLS predicts that the job demand will increase by 18%, much faster than most professions. Furthermore, this job remains in stable demand even through economic upheavals. As a result, research analysts are much more critical in uncertain times. They hold the necessary skills to help companies adapt to rapidly changing environments.

Human Resource specialists

Just a vision alone cannot carry any organization. Without a skilled team of employees, companies may fail to execute their ideas to perfection. However, hiring and maintaining a team of experienced professionals is no easy task, and here's where HR specialists step in. An HR specialist is thus integral to the proper functioning of any organization. They help recruit the best individuals who don't just have the company's skills but fit into their values. Furthermore, they help train and orient new hires, design workplace policies, address staff concerns, and more.

A background in communication prepares you perfectly for this hands-on role. Furthermore, a communication degree will enable you to hone your verbal speaking skills, which is essential for an HR specialist. They need to communicate with employees and the administration to ensure that both parties are on the same page and deliver presentations to prospective staff members. Due to the importance of the HR manager for any company, they hold a reputable, high-paying post.


When you think of a high-paying job, you can get a communication degree. Working as an editor wouldn't readily come to mind—most associate a career as an editor as one that requires in-depth literary knowledge. However, a communication degree gives you the linguistic insight and skills to work successfully as an editor. Communication majors know better than anyone how to express their ideas on a range of topics eloquently. Therefore, they're perfectly suited to working as editors in a range of niches.

An editor's job isn't just limited to correcting grammar and spelling mistakes. You can help writers develop their ideas and make more of an impact with their writing. Editors also verify sources and references and ensure that all information presented is accurate and updated. In some situations, they might need to rewrite the material to make it more presentable. With the boom in print media, editors are more needed now than ever before. Editors can make anything from $89,530 to $126,800.


The journalist's job is vital for the proper development of any society. Journalists are responsible for accurate, detailed, and unbiased reporting of all political or natural events. They inform the public of events that can affect their lives profoundly so that they can make informed decisions on various topics. Journalism has evolved immensely since its conception and now includes TV, radio, internet publications, and social media. A communication degree prepares you for an illustrious and lucrative career as a journalist.

The degree allows you to hone your writing skills, expressing your thoughts in an organized, eloquent manner on various subjects. Furthermore, it gives you the research skills to assess a situation from all angles, to present verified information. Journalists also commonly interview people to gather material. Finally, a communication degree hones your verbal skills to express your viewpoint and questions clearly.


The range of options one can pursue with a degree in communications are immense. Graduates with a degree in communications have a wealth of skills that make them valuable assets to any organization.

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