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Pink Nails Ideas to Try

Pink Nails

The pink color is mainly associated with ladies. Pink nails complement your skin tone, mood, and style, and they are mostly worn during the warm seasons. Due to this reason, they are referred to as spring nails.

There are different shades of pink, and you can also wear the nails in various sizes. Most women experiment with other styles like nail stickers, rhinestones, and almond nails. If you are looking forward to your next manicure but do not know the nails to go for, here are some pink nails ideas to try.

  1. Hot Pink Nails

How do you like your nail gel? If you always go for the bold and shouting colors, then the hot pink nails are a perfect shade to try. This pink shade undoubtedly makes a statement, and it is an effortless shade for your nails. You can wear it with short acrylic nails or frame nails.

  1. Hot Pink With Glitter

You can add some life to the hot pink nails by adding glitters. The nail design is classic and adds some personality. Ask your stylist to apply your favorite shade of pink and coat the top with some glittering polish. They will then put them to dry a tiny, and you are good to go.

Pink Nails
  1. Rhinestone On Pink Nails

Coffin pink nails never give a dull moment. However, only wear these if you like some attention. The rhinestones add femininity to the pink and take your style to another level. The nail artist will gently press the rhinestones on the base coat. You can do it on French or short nails to get different effects.

  1. Pink And White

You do not have to paint all the nails pink. Add some white polish on the ring or middle finger to break the monotony of the pink. This color combo goes well with short nails, and you can also try on longer ones. Alternatively, you can alternate the colors in each finger to balance them.

  1. Pink Nails With Stars

You can brighten your pink nails by adding a star to the polish. The nail designs fit astronomy lovers well. Use a silver or gold polish to shape the stars on your acrylic nails. If you are not a lover of stars, you can choose to do butterflies.

  1. Pastel Pink Nails

If you are unsure which shade of pink nail polish to pick, you can try them all. The pastel pink nails have the light pink hues to the hot pink shade. These colors are not picky with nail shapes and size, and it fits any occasion.

  1. Confetti Tips With Light Pink Shades

If you have an upcoming wedding, birthday party, a significant event, or want to give yourself some baby girl treatment, try this nail design. It lightens your dull days and is a perfect way to showcase your ideal choice of colors.

Pink Nails
  1. Ombre Pink Acrylics

Ombre pink nails are a classy nail art that you cannot fail to try in your subsequent nail parlor visits. The nail art fits longer nails better because they have a bigger space to do all the nail art. You can incorporate all your favorite pink shades to make the look complete and desirable.

  1. Floral Pink Nails

Do not always go for simple nail designs. You can add some life to your pink by having small flowers drawn on the middle or ring fingers. Besides, since pink and flowers are associated with femininity, the two match perfectly.

  1. Baby Pink Nails

If your nails are short and do not want to attract all the attention, you can choose to go for the baby pink shade. The hue is soft and subtle, making short nails less boring. This color is associated with busy ladies.

  1. Pink And Gold

Combining different colors is one of the best ways to achieve a unique combo for your nails and stand out. So, you do not have to wear pink colors all through when there are other colors you can combine. Adding some gold glitters to the nails makes them more admirable and different. You can also add gold lines or flakes to the pink hue.

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