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Things in Basic Photography That
a Photographer Should Know

There are lots of things about basic photography that must be understood for beginners who want to learn photography. In today's era, having the best cameras like a digital one is not something extraordinary. We often find many people already carrying digital cameras in malls and tourist spots, be it SLRs or pocket cameras.

But do they all understand the basic terms of photography? Probably, not all of them. With money and the word trend, getting an SLR camera without a basic understanding of the basics of photography has now become a common phenomenon. So what's the problem? There is no problem with that as well.

However, if we understand the basic terms of photography, at least it will keep away from the wrong practice with the act of snapping. It would be a waste if you have the best cameras but are unable to maximize their usage. In this opportunity, we will share some of the essential things in photography that you need to know and find a camera that suits your needs.

Things in Basic Photography That a Photographer Should Know

Basic Photography Terms

  • Diaphragm or Aperture

Have you ever used the term Diaphragm or Aperture? Bad news if you haven't heard of it, but you already have a digital camera. This photographic term is usually called the lens aperture, which captures the intensity of light that enters the camera. The point is that the larger the lens aperture, the greater the capture of light; this affects the image sharpness (DOF) or commonly called the Depth Of Field.

  • Speed

From the name, the term speed photography is clearly related to speed. Speed is the speed of the camera when capturing the desired image. Speed can be changed according to our wishes and the needs of the object we are going to photograph. The faster the speed is set, the more frozen the photo will be. Vice versa, the slower the camera speed that is set will result in a shaking image.

  • ISO

The level of light sensitivity depends on the ISO. The larger the number on the ISO, the more sensitive it will be in capturing light, but the effect will be noise in the resulting photo.

  • DOF (Depth Of Field)

The term DOF photography can be interpreted as a sharp space in a photo. Sharp space includes parts that are in focus and blur. DOF is determined by the Diaphragm, or Aperture factors above. The bigger the Diaphragm, the narrower the DOF/sharp space a photo gets.

  • Dial Mode in Camera

Whether it's a digital SLR camera or a pocket camera, you must have a dial model. Either in the form of buttons or rotary panels. The usual standard mode dial there are five kinds of mode dial in a digital camera:

  1. Auto is the easiest setting in the camera because everything is set and programmed automatically, the user just presses the shutter, and it becomes a photo.
  2. Aperture Priority, the speed will be set automatically, then for the diaphragm/aperture, we set ourselves as needed.
  3. Speed Priority, this system is the opposite of Aperture Priority
  4. Program, everything has been set by the camera.
  5. Manual, with manual mode, we can experiment from setting WB, Speed, and so on.

There is nothing instant in terms of learning if you want to reap maximum results. In photography, understanding a theory and putting it into practice will make your photos more quality.

Guidelines in Buying a Camera

At this point, where you already know some of the basic stuff in photography, you need to understand your weapon in catching an object, the camera. In buying a camera, you need to understand several factors that can help you buy the one that suits your current needs. Many products claim to be the best cameras in the market, but which one suits you the most? Let us find out.

  • Product understandings

Understanding the camera is a prominent aspect that you should not skip if you want to buy the ideal one. If you think that you are usually using a pocket camera, you might find it inconvenient to use a DSLR one for the first time. If you insist on buying one, then you need to get used to it. The product knowledge of a certain camera will help you to find a camera that matches your preferences.

  • Do not get teased with a certain brand

While brand also affects the price of the camera. It does not show the whole quality of the camera. Moreover, if you have just recently become a photographer, it does not matter what your camera brand is if you do not have the skills to utilize all of its features. However, if you are an expert photographer, choosing a camera based on its brands should be your priority.

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