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Tips to Deal with Performance Anxiety Issues

By Jolie Andre

We think we all could agree anxiety is a normal phenomenon, given the hectic lives we lead. An average person is likely to feel anxious when he or she faces a stressful situation. But in some cases, it tends to get excessive and gets the better of people. Never ignore it anyhow. Those who suffer from this start to develop severe conditions, which makes it difficult for them to continue with their everyday lives. Anxiety could also be specific, and a good example of the same would be performance anxiety. Let us get to know five essential tips on dealing with performance anxiety issues.

Recognize the Presence

Performance-related anxiety is quite common, especially in the workplace or for the students who are giving their exams shortly. It is normal to feel awkward about these responsibilities. However, it is imperative to find out the symptoms of anxiety and normal awkwardness. This is because when you do not pay heed to the anxiety issues, it might, in fact, your professional decision making it a more serious problem.

Know the Symptoms

Check with yourself if you are feeling the pulse racing and rapid breathing and trembling or sometimes, sweaty and cold hands when your boss does not reward you for a simple task. The uneasy feeling in the stomach should not be constant for simple changes happening in your workplace. Remember, anxiety is not limited to your mood getting upset, but it is more about some outcomes like these.

Give Yourself Some Credit

Most of the problems related to performance anxiety happen when there is a lack of self-satisfaction and motivation. When you are into a task and if you think you have done it properly, don't expect others to appreciate your job. Try to give yourself some credit because you are the only person who knows the kind of effort you have invested in that particular task. This formula is applicable to any given situation.

Find Your Relaxation Space

Some people find it relaxing when they read a book or listen to music, and some people find it relaxing when they take a walk, grace through the fresh air amidst a hectic schedule. This relaxation technique is not generic, so make sure you find out yours. However, it is advisable that you do not use more caffeine than required. Anxiety issues and increased amounts of caffeine do not go well at all.

Ask for Help

Another major mistake that people with performance anxiety issues make is not asking for help. If you think your situation is moving beyond control, don't be afraid to ask help or visit a therapist whenever needed.


Remember, performance anxiety and dealing with it is clearly a chain reaction. If you are going to ignore it, it is going to result further in poor performance, which will again increase your performance-based anxiety. You are doing no good to yourself if you are ignoring the negativity that put you here. Any help that arrives late is equal to getting no help. So, take help when you can because you know you can overcome it.

About the Author:
Jolie Andre: "I enjoy writing on various niches like managing relationship, travel, stress management and performance management. Through various ups and downs I have went through a phase a stress and one day I decided to confess my story. Thereafter, I started noticing a change and moved on in my life."
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