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Make Calculation Easier With the
Percentage Change Calculator

Percentage Change

The days are gone when people had to do all the calculations themselves manually. Nowadays, there are many free/paid calculators and websites that help you to calculate things easily. The percentage change calculator also fulfills the same purpose by providing a specific type of service.

The percentage change calculator mainly calculates the difference of percentage between two numbers or values. It is beneficial in the field of physics, chemistry, mathematics, finance, etc. It also helps in regular/ daily activities like sales, rent, loans, tax, etc. If you depend on the old manual way to calculate all these kinds of stuff, life will become extra burdensome. I mean, why would you waste time and brain cells when you can get the job done by a percentage change calculator?

How Is the Percentage Change Calculator Useful?

Our life is full of numbers and calculations. You can’t go a single day without it. People who say math is not essential in life are either ignorant or unable to understand its value. From buying food to receiving your salary, math and calculation are everywhere.

Percentage change defies the difference between two values in each hundred. You can calculate this change easily with the help of a percentage change calculator. It may not seem so, but this calculator is incredibly helpful in life. For example- your landlord has decided to increase the rent by 5% to the current rent. But he didn’t mention the final amount of rent. You need to calculate that and pay him the new amount by the end of the month. Now, if you don’t know how to calculate that and place the wrong amount, it will be too disgraceful. But hey! You can get the help of the percentage change calculator and save yourself from humiliation.

It was just a simple example. There are thousands of them in our daily life. Checking the sales report, paying taxes, calculating the interest for a bank loan, measuring population growth, education, and so many other examples are just in front of our eyesight. Now, these calculations can be a lot easier with the help of a percentage change calculator.

Now, it’s up to you if you find it useful or not.

How Does the Percentage Change Calculator Work?

The percentage change calculator works with a simple logarithm using two different values. These values are defined as ‘initial value’ and ‘final value.'

The initial value refers to the starting or old value that you want to compare to the new value. The new value is regarded as the final value/ number. Sounds confusing? Let me explain with an example.

Suppose you have a clothing store. You keep track of everyday sales to know if your business is growing or are you facing loss. Let's say the sales of yesterday was $2000. But today, it is $3500. Now, if you want to compare these two values, $2000 will be the initial value. And the final value will be $3500.

If you put these two values in their designated box, the percentage change calculator will show you how much your sales have increased or decreased. To define this, the calculator follows a simple mathematical formula.

Percentage Change = {(Final Value – Initial Value)/ Initial Value} × 100

If we continue the previous example, where the initial value was $2000, and the final value was $3500, the percentage change of that would be-

Percentage change= {(3500-2000)/2000} × 100 = 75%

It means the sales have increased about 75% than the previous day.

While using this logarithm, if your initial value is higher than the final value, the result will come in the negative value. In that case, it will be a percentage decrease.

For example (continuation of the previous example) - if the sales go down and become $2600 the next day, the percentage value will change. Here your initial value will be $3500, and the final value will be $2600. Then the percentage will be-

Percentage change= {(2600-3500)/3500} × 100 = -25.71%

It means the sales have decreased 25.71%. The positive value refers to increment, and the negative value points towards the decrement of percentage.

How to Use a Percentage Change Calculator?

Using an online percentage change calculator is not tough at all. All you need to do is input the values in the appointed box. You will find two boxes labeled “initial value” and “final value” as soon as you open the calculator.

I have already mentioned how to define the initial and final values. Follow that and place the values inside the box. Now, just click on calculate. And it is done! The percentage change calculator will give you an accurate result within a few seconds.

If the result comes it positive (+), then it defines the increased percentage. But if the result comes in a negative value (-), then it will define the decreased percentage. The positive and negative signs only point out the increment and decrement. It has nothing to do with the actual value. If you switch the places of initial and final values, the ultimate result will remain the same. Only the signs (positive and negative) will alter.

Final Words

We hope that this guide was helpful for understanding the purpose and use of the percentage change calculator. It can certainly make life easier and smooth by doing complex calculations for us. This calculator is completely free with minimal loading time. We assure you that there's no downtime too. And you can use our website on both smartphones and computers/laptops. So, don't forget to check this out!

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