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Patent Plaques to Proudly Display Your Inventions

Patent plaques are a perfect way to recognize outstanding inventions or business patent portfolios. The plaque enables you to promote your brand as successful and legitimate. A patent plaque can be a single style or several styles.

What Is a Patent Plaque?

A patent plaque refers to an award accorded to an inventor as a commemoration concerning obtaining patent protection for a particular invention.

Are you looking for the perfect patent plaque to display your inventions? Look no more. Here are some patent plaques available for you to see more:

1) Premium Engraved Plaques

This is the ultimate pick for patent awards. The plaque includes a brass plate coated with black and 4 unique designs. Aside from engraved borders, the borders can be black or golden. There are 4 design combinations for this plaque, and they include; FrontPage- frontline border, custom-frontline border, among others.

2) Hexagon Patent Plaque Series

Just as the name suggests, hexagon patent plaques are modern-day plaques with a 6-sided figure, hence the honeycomb shape. Its walls are usually mounted with silver standoff frames, and every hexagon plaque has a metal image and a back plate. They include colors such as gray, clear, black, or green. You also include your company logo in black and white.

3) Double Patent Plaque Series

This is a mix of the certificate and frontage plaque. The certificate plaque panel creates a patent certificate given by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. At the same time, the front page indicates the issuance of the patent and includes a signature from the patent and trademark director, the names of the inventors, and a logo.

4) Landscape Patent Plaque Series

These are horizontal plaques with the left and right panel plaques divided by the patent office seal. On the left panel is the date and number of patents, your inventors, an option for the assignee, certificate, and a clear signature from the United States director of patents and trademarks. The title of your invention, abstract, and drawing figure are on the right side.

5) American Series Patent Plaque

The Americana series comes in 3 unique designs: the custom style, heritage style, and certificate style. These styles are created to incorporate the date of issue of the patent number, an American eagle on its background, and precise border edges. The custom style has an abstract and one of the patent drawings.

Are you looking for mounting options for your plaque? The Americana series patent plaques are available in 6 different mounting options in various colors and sizes. They include a plaque base with three solid wood bases, standoff plaque mounted on the wall with standoff pins, value with economical wood finish, and metal frame acrylic back plate.

Get Your Patent Plaque!

Having to be recognized for your invention does not mean fit! Therefore, you need to keep this critical achievement for your commemoration for years to come, hence the need to have a patent plaque. With various styles to choose from, there is no reason why that important milestone is missing from your wall display!

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