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Parenting Lessons from Star Wars: Teaching Values Through Film


Parenting is not an easy journey. As a parent I want my kids to learn lessons the easy way before oppressors like stormtroopers barge in with unnecessary noise and blasters. 

As I watched the Star Wars trilogies, growing up, seeing the military and political dynamics before I could understand what was happening, opened my mind to mischief and problem-solving. On a deeper look, there are a lot of lessons the films have taught me unknowingly. 

So, I want my children to watch at least the original trilogy, as the familial relationships in the film have explored universally relatable emotions an angsty teen or a kindergarten child will be interested in. The animated versions are an extra treat because they disguise the gore and dark themes while hilariously narrating the priceless Jedi lessons.

Exactly something my kids should see, before they meet their best friends or get their first heartbreak. Here is what each film in the nine trilogies illustrates beautifully, that we as parents should faithfully pick up!

The Importance of Friendship 

My youngest is not a social kid, but the one inseparable friend he has inspired his older brothers. So I want him to watch and relate to the scenes of loyal companionship shown by Han, Leia, and Luke during the Rebels era. Even the unbreakable bond between Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 has brought joy to science fiction fans. Hopefully, this will encourage him to open up to more friendships. 

The Freedom to Hope 

Small minds are more creative than the Kyber crystals' ever-growing color theory. I am sure my Jedi Younglings will latch onto a lesson like hope I missed on my first watch. Hope is an epicenter of emotion driving the Skywalker Family. Luke and Leia's sibling bond is driven by hope. Luke could have given up on Darth Vader, yet, he was determined to bring back his father to the light side. 

Face the Fears Bravely 

At times I am Yoda to my Luke Skywalker’s. Parenting is a lot about encouraging your kids to conquer their fears even though you are scared. So if I see my children hesitating, I make it my duty to push them past their fears. According to the noble Yoda Master ‘Do or Don’t. There Is No Try’. 

Push Against Anger and Hate 

As a mother of three boys, I see anger a lot. Hopefully, none of my clones have made it to the hate part. Discussing dangerous emotions beforehand is an effective way of deflecting the consequences that come from acting on these. Yoda was a spiritual expert who taught me a valuable lesson with his lightsaber. Anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering. As parents, we have our fingers crossed, wishing our kids will not befall a fate similar to Anakin Skywalker. 

It's Never Too Late

Mistakes are an inevitable part of our life. Perfect Jedi warriors like Obi-Wan Kenobi lied and the Skywalker siblings kissed. However, more important is the lesson you learn from your mistakes. You do not have the power to bring back the Yoda vase but teaching children about the harms of it will trigger them into a proactive approach in the future. 

Do not Get Cocky

If your kids try to outsmart you, remind them of the parents in the room. These little Ewoks like to create chaos if they do not get their way or if they get it too fast. As Han said to Luke 'That's a great kid. Don’t get too cocky’. Phrases Like this are a great comeback, but they also remind me to keep my kids humble. 

Injustice Is A Big No 

The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion. How often have you used rebellion and (name of your kid) in the same sentence? In a proud way? Right. The Rebellion and the Resistance have taught me, despite the odds, not to shut up at times of injustice. The same lesson I cannot wait to pass on to my kids. 

Let the Wookie Win 

Outsmarting your kids has to be a masquerade act they cannot smell. Let them think they are winning the argument C3PO style. Simply arguing with the Wookies will make them screech all the more. Teach them a humble lesson in a roundabout manner. Trust me. It works. Every time!

Star Wars is a creative opportunity for teaching hard and undesired lessons to the kids. The ever growing storyline has made it easy for us parents to show the children the consequences of their actions, without becoming the bad guys. Lastly, the evergreen plotlines and underlying political meanings are a hot take for children of all demographics.

‘Pass on what you have learned’ in a deep Yoda voice with parent eyes that show we know it all!

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