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Best Paraphrasing Tools to Create a Unique Content

Paraphrasing Tools

Paraphrasing is an effective technique for digital marketers and web content creators to produce copies of research-based content.

The term paraphrasing is not just affiliated with academic departments, but they play a significant role in assisting various writers and publishers.

In this regard, a paraphrasing tool gives you tremendous benefits to save you some time and polish your work to portray the legitimacy of being original.

The idea behind a paraphrasing tool is to create a new version of an existing content with a new set of alternative words.

These tools can significantly benefit bloggers, article writers, and researchers. These tools are designed to replace specific words to retain the original message or meaning in the statement.

Wandering on the web, you'll come across various tools. Each tool's preference depends on the requirement of the editor. This article has featured various paraphrasing tools for creating unique content.

  1. Edit Pad

If you're looking for a free paraphrasing tool, Edit Pad can be a wise choice for you. This tool offers several options to paraphrase your text. It's an online web-based tool that requires no installation.

The simplicity of interface and responsiveness of these tools makes them suitable to use by various types of users. You have to paste the text into the input box. Within seconds, you'll get the output of your original text into a new wording.

The interface allows to paste text or upload files to scan text directly. You can save the final output and download it for offline use. The tool supports various file formats, including DOC, DOCX, TXT, and PDF.

This platform is entirely safe and secure to use for any rewriting. The online availability of these tools makes it reachable from any device featuring a web browser. You also get an option to check plagiarism in your content using this tool.

Key features

  • Reduces chances of plagiarism in your writing.
  • 100% Free and unlimited usage.
  • Supports various languages.
  • Highlights paraphrased words.
  • Includes summarize option to make your content concise.
Paraphrasing Tools
  1. Quillbot

Quillbot is a widely used utility and application for desktop and mobile users. It's a convenient tool to rewrite articles, essays, research papers, and blog posts. The interface of this tool was designed to be suitable for any user.

Whether you're a professional or a learner, this tool will assist in creating more apparent and concise copies of writing for your website. Quillbolt offers five different AI writing modes, which adds to an intelligent feature for its productivity.

In addition to paraphrasing, this tool also covers the service to check plagiarism for free. Quillbot offers various services that provide free services. But these services do come with a few drawbacks.

If you have already shifted the content one or two times, this tool may make minor changes to the words or sentences. Sometimes, the penalties are poorly paraphrased just to ensure a plagiarism-free check.

Key features

  • Automatically adds and removes words.
  • Highlights changed words and sentences in different colors.
  • Gives suggestions to improve writing skills.
  • Creates pretty unique content.
  • Remove plagiarism and grammatical issues.
Paraphrasing Tools

Read this comparison of Quillbot vs Scispace online paraphraser tools.

  1. Rewriter Tools

This web-based platform makes writing fun with its creative and interactive paraphrasing tool. As the name states, this tool helps to reduce plagiarism from your content by presenting a unique copy of your original text.

This simple interface of this tool makes it relatively easy and efficient to use. Although it lacks the option to upload a file, you can directly paste the text into the input box. However, this tool is absolutely free to use on the bright side.

The paraphrasing goes through a four-step process. Once you have placed the text, you can click "Start Paraphrasing." After the tool is done processing, it'll portray the output of your paraphrased content.

You can choose to proceed where the tool will ask you to copy, download, or again paraphrase the content. The output text will highlight the synonyms and new phrases to clarify the difference between your original content and paraphrased content.

Key features

  • Free and unlimited usage.
  • Generates unique content.
  • Follows a stepwise process to implement any changes or improvements.
  • Allows downloading output files.
  • Ensures reduced plagiarism or punctuation errors.
Paraphrasing Tools
  1. Chimp Rewriter

Artificial Intelligence has expanded to deliver technological solutions for various domains. Similarly, Chimp Rewriter uses the NLP-based content paraphraser to provide unique content.

Chimp Rewriter produces content acceptable to many audiences from various domains. This tool offers a paraphrasing service in multiple languages, making it a user-friendly tool globally.

But this tool has some limitations, which makes it inconvenient to use for most users. One major downside is that this tool is available in software, which means you have to download or install an application.

Since this tool is not available online, Mac users cannot benefit from its services either. The tool offers a 14-days trial, and then you have to pay for the services, which is not appreciated by the digital marketing community.

Key features

  • Grammar check synonym.
  • Rewrites the sentence and reorders the words to add fluency.
  • Offers extensive APIs
  • Combined functioning with NLP and AI.
  • Allows various types of filtering options.
Paraphrasing Tools
  1. Coderduck

This paraphrasing tool is full of advanced options that support automated functionalities to create unique content. The paraphrasing method of this tool is pretty impressive as it helps to improvise or at least maintain the nature of sentences in contrast to the original text.

You don't need to sign up or register to use the full features of this tool. It offers all the functionalities free of cost. You can paste the text in the input box, and by pressing paraphrase, you'll get the result in a few seconds.

  • Perform deep study on your content.
  • Download option in various formats for paraphrased text.
  • Performs deep study on your original content.
  • Offers full features without sign-up.
  • Reduces plagiarism.
Paraphrasing Tools


Paraphrasing is the ultimate solution to get rid of plagiarism from your content. The best source for getting this job done is web-based free paraphrasing tools. These tools rewrite your content and provide free plagiarism checks for the result.

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