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Paint by Number Murals by Paintable Pictures: The Perfect Solution for Low-Skilled Painters

Paint by Number Murals by Paintable Pictures


The world of art can sometimes feel intimidating, especially for those who don't consider themselves skilled painters. However, Paintable Pictures is here to change that perception with their paint by number murals, providing a fun and accessible way for anyone to create stunning wall art. These murals, measuring 40" x 60" in size and featuring around 10 colors, are perfect for corporate events, conference booths, or other group settings. In this blog post, we'll explore how paint by number murals are the perfect solution for a fun, engaging place for low-skilled painters to create their very own mural.

Why Choose a Paint by Number Mural?

  • Simplicity: Paint by number murals break down complex illustrations into simple numbered areas. This takes the guesswork out of painting and allows anyone to create a beautiful piece of art, regardless of their skill level.
  • Illustrations Work Best: The best art for these murals is typically illustrations, which means you can choose from a wide range of styles and designs. You can even get custom illustrations made to suit your specific needs.
  • Corporate Events and Conference Booths: Paint by number murals are a fantastic addition to corporate events and conference booths. They offer a unique and engaging activity for attendees, allowing them to contribute to the creation of a beautiful mural that can be displayed at the event or in the company's office space.

How to Paint a Mural Using a Paint by Number Kit:

  • Unpack and Prepare: Start by unpacking your paint by number kit from Paintable Pictures and gathering all the necessary supplies. 
  • Paint! It’s that simple: Just start applying the numbered paint pods to their corresponding sections on the canvas.
  • Display and Enjoy: Once your paint by number mural is painted, it's time to display it proudly. Whether at a corporate office or at home, your new mural is sure to impress and inspire.

Paint by number murals offer an accessible and enjoyable way for low-skilled painters to engage with paint in a fun setting, which makes it perfect for corporate events. With easy-to-follow instructions and a wide range of illustration options, these murals are an ideal solution for those looking to add a touch of creativity to their space. So, grab a paintbrush and get started on your paint by number journey today!

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