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Is Ouji Lolita a Male Version of Dress? Let's Find Out

Ouji Lolita

Gothic Lolita is a type of Japanese fashion. Many of its features are inspired by Victorian fashion. How do men wear Gothic Lolita? The style known as Ouji or Kodona represents the Japanese concept of a "prince" or a "dandy." However, it is not commonly seen, perhaps because most girls in Gothic Lolita wear dresses, and very few men are comfortable wearing something marked as "dandy." Oujis, like lolitas, are most commonly worn by girls, even though anyone can wear them. If you prefer, a Lolita (or Lolitas; Princes are always in demand) is often found at Ouji meetups.

It is often associated with Lolita-like Aristocrat, although not a Lolita style. Since it is the masculine counterpart of Lolita, the Boy style is often referred to as Ouji or Dandy. Although boy style is a male equivalent of Lolita, it can be worn by people of any gender, as can Lolita. Flowers, makeup, and accessories are not typically seen as masculine but can be included in the look. You can visit here to browse the ouji lolita collection at lolitainside to learn more about ouji. These ouji products will give you a deeper understanding of ouji culture.

Features of Ouji Lolita

1. Silhouette

Unlike the knee-length skirts worn by Lolita, the boy style uses pants in various lengths, as opposed to the ubiquitous knee-length skirt. Knee-length pants are the most common, although shorter and longer pants are also common. Originally, the pants were inspired by Victorian boy pants, which varied in length depending on the wearer's age.

Blouses and vests are often worn with these, similar to Lolita blouses under JSKs, and sometimes waistcoats are worn as well, but not necessarily. Since Boystyle has the same substyles as Lolita, it comes in all colors and styles. The most popular style in black and white is gothic or punk.

2. Accessories

Boy style includes just as many accessories as Lolita; however, more accessories are associated with male historical fashions, including hats, pocket watches, ties, and jabots, although they may also wear crowns, flowers, etc. brooches.

In gothic, fewer accessories are used, more colorful accessories are used in sweet, more royal accessories are used in Ouji, and more masculine and adult accessories are used in dashing, etc.

3. Hair

Short hair is common since it is supposed to give a boyish appearance. Updos are common with long hair. Other girly hairstyles, like pigtails, are also worn, but less often. A wig can also make a huge difference.

How to create Ouji Lolita for boys?

  • Wear a collared dress shirt in white or black
  • Add black or white lace to the collar.
  • Pop the collar up and sew it shut.
  • Get thick black or white ribbons.
  • Make a bow with the thick black ribbon.
  • Make a criss-cross pattern with a long piece of ribbon.
  • Make sure the parts are dangling loosely from a top closure.
  • Add white or black lace to the bottom of the ribbon.
  • Under the shirt's sleeve, sew lace so it dangles a little over your wrist.
  • Attach two black bows to the sleeve by the wrists using a thin black ribbon.
  • Sew black or white lace on the edges of your chest vest.
  • Gray socks and wool socks when it's cold.
  • Roll your pants and sew the seam shut, leaving a gap of 12 inches (1.3 cm). Push a safety pin through the seam you just sewed. Fit the elastic and sew it together, then stitch the hole shut.
  • Slip-on black loafers. Lastly, sew the bow you made on your collar below your Adam's apple.


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