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Looking For Original F1 Merchandise?
For Best Prices, Try FansBRANDS!

Original F1 Merchandise

If you’re looking for the best prices on original F1 products, try FansBRANDS. FansBRANDS is a web store where you can find thousands of original Formula 1 products, coming straight from the official distribution. Couldn’t get that limited Mercedes-AMG Petronas t-shirt you’ve been searching for? Chances are, you’ll find it there!

A selection of over 10,000 original Formula One merchandise

FansBRANDS’ full stock offers over 10,000 official F1 products, including original merchandise from all of your favourite Formula 1 teams. Make sure to come back to the shop frequently, as it often rotates their stock, introducing new seasonal products and releasing new drops of limited-edition gear.

There are literal tons of items to choose from at FansBRANDS, including clothing, accessories, gifts, and more. The shop also offers official team wear of many popular F1 teams, as well as hats, shirts, shoes, pants, jackets, and more - all licensed products coming from the official distribution that you can purchase at a highly discounted price!

You can see the full catalogue at

Want even better deals? Try the VIP membership!

For frequent buyers, FansBRANDS offers a VIP Membership that gives you an additional 10% extra discount on all of their products. The web store also frequently runs special deals, available only to VIP members, including very rare items.

At FansBRANDS, all VIP members get access to pre-order promotions before everyone else, making it easier to buy the products they’ve been waiting for before they are sold out.

Extra 20% off for buyers outside the EU

If you’re buying from outside the European Union, you may be eligible for an additional 20% off at FansBRANDS’ outlet - and that’s on top of all other discounts!

FansBRANDS also publishes the latest F1 news and standings. You can check out their blog and race calendar for all the information any F1 fan will need.

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