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Find Optimum Performance for Working at Home

Whether you are self-employed, a team leader, or part of a team, the transition from spending all day in an office to working at home can be challenging, but it can also offer many rewards. There is a much greater potential for freedom and opportunity for personal growth if you can find a comfortable balance between your occupation and your personal life.

Some people make a conscious choice to work from home, while others have found themselves in a new situation due to a change in life situation or the global health issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever your reasons for adopting a home-working setup, it is possible to find a positive and productive way to work at home without detriment to your personal life. See the Home Office Warrior's Complete Guide to Setting Up a Home Office.

Compared to a traditional office environment, the culture and rules relating to working from your own home are much more flexible, and you have the power to tailor your schedule and working practice to suit your personal working style preferences. You can set your timetable according to when you feel more capable of performing certain tasks, and designate a workspace that helps you focus, and separate work from play.

You are in control of your working situation, and you can make sure that technology helps you to stay connected to people when you need to share thoughts and ideas about projects and goals, without allowing yourself to get distracted by unnecessary beeps and scrolls. Let technology work for you, by prioritising what you need, and when.

It takes a little adjustment, but it is possible to make productive use of your time working at home, so that you get both personal and professional rewards. The following infographic from Headway Capital provides some useful advice to help you navigate your journey to a successful, efficient, and happy home working career.

Optimum Performance Working at Home
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