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From Online Resumes to Digital Cards: The Evolution of Professional Presentation

If you want to make a smart move in presenting yourself, the best way is to go for digital cards with QR codes. Such a modernized way of submitting your resume for a job can create a very good impression on your recruiter. The digital QR code business card is fast evolving as one of the most popular ways of professional presentation.

As per the latest market study conducted by Fact, MR, the global digital business card market is estimated to reach US$ 500 million by 2033, expanding rapidly at 9.5% CAGR from 2023 to 2033.

With technological innovations, professional presentations have shifted from online resumes to digital cards, facilitating candidates to send resumes and recruiters to review them.

How Incorporation of Keywords Adds Value to Your Resume?

One of the benefits of your digital resume card with a QR code is that it helps recruiters to shortlist your resume. You can get an interview call in a short period.

Since the QR code is a machine-readable code that stores URLs, social media profiles, and other professional details, Artificial Intelligence can read them instantaneously upon being scanned (QR readers installed on smartphones and tablets). This helps the recruiter to shortlist the candidates.

The keywords in your resume can help recruiters find the profiles that fit their requirements. We are explaining below the benefits of keyword incorporation in your QR code-enabled resume:

  • IT training and qualifications
  • Communication skills
  • Background of experiences in sales
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management
  • Customer service

How to Format Your QR Code-enabled Resume?

You could add value to your resume by formatting it well to offer a nice digital look and help the recruiter know all salient points about your qualifications and experience. You can consider business cards for smart digital presentation to create an impression upon the recruiter that you are sailing with the modernized digital era and not sticking to the old order, which is fast-waning.

The best way to format your resume is to give the following information in a template form:

  • Your name and contact details at the top of your resume page
  • Your qualifications and skills
  • Mention your work experience with details of companies served and years spent with an individual company.
  • Nature of job handled by you
  • Team size managed by you
  • Use bullet points to mention your role in a company that you have served.
  • Use simple yet modern fonts as digital devices and scanners can easily read the modern fonts but may find it difficult to read the old or archaic fonts.

Benefits of digital cards with QR codes

You can order business cards as it has several advantages. We are explaining below five major benefits of it:

  1. Easy Shortlisting: A recruiter will find it easy to shortlist you with the help of a digital resume. This brightens your chance of getting selected for a company or organization.
  2. Hiring Person’s Attention is Drawn towards You: The hiring manager or HR head can find your resume somewhat different from hundreds of resumes received. Since you have used bullet points, the HR manager can know all your skills. This will help you in drawing the recruiter’s attention.
  3. Prove You are Tech-Savvy: In this digital world, recruiters would love to recruit a tech-savvy person. By sending your QR code resume card, you are proving you know all about the current digital trend. This can create a very good impression on the recruiter.
  4. Monitor Viewing-Trend of Your Resume: Your QR-enabled resume card can help you know who all are viewing your resume. This gives you a gist of companies viewing and the date of such viewing. A prior knowledge of it can help you prepare for the possible interview.
  5. Highlight Your Achievements: You can easily incorporate links to special appreciations by your earlier employers or special responsibilities given to you. In other words, you are submitting your portfolio of professional achievement (while on the job).

Besides job purposes, you can also use digital business cards to introduce yourself properly and in an impactful manner within your professional network.


To stay in the competition in the job market, you need to redefine your resume by opting for a digital QR code card. This is also the best way to let the recruiter know that you are internet savvy and know the latest trends in the job application process. Since recruiters are flooded with resumes even for a limited number of posts in a company, you can stay ahead in this competition by creating your resume enabled by a coded card.

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