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Companies of the Future are Purpose Driven

By Tina Olivero

What really drives a company? The obvious answer might be the pursuit of a profit. Why do you think corporations and employees are no longer satisfied with business as it is today? The obvious answer might be exactly the same - the pursuit of profit.

What is the game we are playing in business today? Is it the endless pursuit of money, power, profit, results, and possessions? What is it to be on the path of achieving something that is not truly in alignment with our hearts, our passion and our purpose? It seems to me that the end results of such a pursuit would include, tiring display of endless energy, high stress, employee burnout and a day to day existence that does not include passion, meaning or happiness.

What is business anyway? Oxford dictionary might describe it an establishment or enterprise designed to sell a product or service and create profit. But our new era of business is rapidly changing. As we evolve to greater people, our businesses, corporations, enterprises and organizations are also evolving. Our incoming workforce is no longer focused on money as a sole motivator, but rather our new age workers want to contribute in a way that truly inspires them. Our new workforce wants to be "on fire" and "passionate" about what we do and how we make a difference in the world. Doesn't it make sense that you would want your children to live and work doing things they absolutely loved?

This is the new era of a "PURPOSE DRIVEN" business world. Successful companies of the future will be finding new solutions that relate to our human concerns and considerations. Exceptional leadership will include words like, gratitude, loving leadership, acceptance, and intuitive vision and wisdom.

Would you be willing to take off your old hat and try on a new one? A new way of thinking that would actually create more purpose, meaning and connection in your business experience each day? Stop and look around you. What would you need to do today to create an atmosphere of appreciation and gratitude? What would that make available in your work world, not to mention your personal life? What would you need to do to foster a learning environment where people grow and aspire to new levels each day?

Our lives become very powerful when we are operating from a sense of true purpose. On purpose we naturally work on task, we naturally want to acquire more knowledge, we naturally want to excel and be the best we can be. But it all takes a solid foundation of purpose, without it we are just patching up old problems temporarily and hoping for the best!

What would it take for you to turn around your organization, team, company, and yourself, today? What would you need to create as structures in your workplace that will support people being on purpose, so that work has special meaning and connection. So that work actually talks to our essence, or dare I say it, is in alignment with our souls expression or our hearts desire. Remember those hobbies you love to do? Remember those experiences as a child that, when in them, time stopped. That's what our corporations have now become responsible for offering. A workplace that offers a platform for our highest expressions in life.

If you're confused about where to go, or where to start, just start asking some of these critical questions:

  1. The place we are today, how did I create this? How can we create connection, peace and purpose?
  2. The place I want to work, becomes a place of personal expression and purpose, what structures do I need to create this?
  3. When I look back on my working career I want it to be meaningful. What do I need to do to create that?
  4. How can I develop creativity, imagination, and vision within myself and my people that will make a difference and have us in alignment with our mission?
  5. How can I foster, courage, persistence, and passion in pursuit of the goals and missions of our people, teams and outcomes?
So do you really think that you have to compromise profit and results to create a purpose driven company? Or do you create profit by creating purpose? It seems to me that the latter will overcome a "fear based" approach to business - a very old approach to business that no longer serves us. It's up to us to get creative with the solutions we provide for our people. Isn't it ironic that it all leads to having people free, at ease, making a contribution and living on purpose! Yes!

I once heard that it is wise not to align people with the destination but rather have them be excited about the journey. What do you really believe? Profit or purpose?

The new definition of business reflects who we are as a new business community. I'm honored to say that working in this era includes being loving, connected, on purpose, creative and passionate about making a difference. I'm thrilled to see corporations transforming with "consciousness" in mind. It amazes me as I experience compassion and support for each other, and people working on purpose, as we work together daily - I call this the daily miracles of my life!

Our work experience can be totally inspiring or it can be a "have to" experience in life. I choose to see what's possible and what will evolve us as people in contribution. After all, sounds a whole lot better than surviving week to week for a paycheck. You choose!

Tina Olivero - CEO, Visionary, Coach and Seminar Leader.
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