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Obstacles to Publish Your Article
in Well-Known Journals

esearch has been part of academics for years now. The importance of research is increasing to a considerable extent. Research and academic journals are among the most significant measures for university status. Apprehending this, many universities have levied the pressure of publishing on their academic staff, particularly the journal of research articles in global peer-reviewed journals (Pho, Tran, 2016).

But there have always been barriers either in formulating your research due to lack of time and writing skills or publishing your research in well-known journals due to poor language skills or lack of funding. Language is not only about having the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, but it is so much more than that. Many students couldn’t find the way to pour their ideas on a piece of paper thus end up taking dissertation writing help to get their task done because when you were doing researched-based masters or Ph.D., research is your main vision. 



many researchers found it difficult to get funding for their article submission or publication payment. Either way, they are too expensive to be fulfilled, but the graduate at that time when they solely spend their time in research. It has become quite challenging for them to pay the high-end journals publications fees. 


The other barrier is the basic language skills. Every year thousands of international students opt for a Ph.D. for which they formulate their research. But because they are from non-English native countries, it becomes difficult for them to fulfill the language criteria for well-known journals. Being a native of a non-English speaking country, they, either way, need a professional language translator in order to make their research paper that meets the standard in international English. 


The time is taken, but the reviewers are often too high that it takes months to give the review to the candidates. And that too with no surety of being accepted. Even after the months of wait, there still lies the chances that the paper can get disapproved by the reviewers of well-known journals. 


Other obstacles become the reviews that students get from the reviewers. Often time the negative reviews from the reviewer demotivate the student, and the students often end up giving up on their research. This fear also led the student to not even try their skills and buy dissertations online UK to eliminate any risk of rejection by the reviewers.


The students also face challenges due to the limited coordination with their co-authors, which often lead them to not deliver the best quality research. Or not having adequate communication with the supervisor can also lead to publishing issues. Often the supervisors are exhausted of getting the task done in all of their careers for years; unresponsible supervisors tend to not focus properly and coordinate with the students. 

Other than these, there are also internal barriers that students often face in delivering a research paper that is worth publishing. 


As mentioned above, many students are from international countries that have come a long way to English native countries to pursue their international degrees. English not being their mother tongue can sometimes cause obstacles in writing a research paper, and it becomes hard for them to publish their journals in scholarly articles.


Many students at their masters or Ph.D. levels tend to support themselves by doing part-time employment, due to which they do not get enough time to do their research work, or even the excessive workload on student cause them to end up either taking dissertation writing help or giving up on their research work. 


lack of writing skills has been the problem of many students not only in PhDs or masters but from their initial academic days. Some learners even find it challenging to write their essays at the initial stages. This might be due to the lack of reading habits or completely not having an interest in writing activities. 


Though these be the least recognized obstacles, most of the students do not know the tricks and tips to make their research published in scholarly articles or to approach such journals. This is due to the lack of guidance from the supervisor. But when the student is new to the phase, guidance in approaching and doing the process is much needed. 

However, despite this obstacle, publishing your journals can be very beneficial for the students. Research has always been of splendid importance in education. Apart from safeguarding in-depth familiarity over a topic, technical and historical research papers also subsidize the world of information. Your information can give so much knowledge to the other students. Students need to understand the role of scientific research as it will ultimately reward them in the future. However, there are so many benefits of publishing a research paper in undergraduate and postgraduate.


Lack of funding for submission or translation has been the most common obstacle in publishing your journal to a well-known article. These two factors have been most faced as the external barriers by the students. However, lack of funding can not be an issue for every participant, but it can be a hurdle for some. The next external barrier faced, but the students are often the time taken by the reviewers to review the journal or the negative feedback that demotivates them. 


Pho, P., & Tran, T. (2016). Obstacles to Scholarly Publishing in the Social Sciences and Humanities: A Case Study of Vietnamese Scholars. Publications, 4(3), 19.

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