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3 New Domains of Project Management Professional

PMI conducted a global practice analysis which included extensive market research and job task analysis. In this research, PMI observed few trends in the project management profession which were missing in the PMP Exam. These new trends were used as inputs into the job task analysis and the outcome was change in the PMP examination content outline. This new change reflects the changing mindset of the project management profession. 

Changing Mindset

PMI changed the mindset of executing the projects from process oriented to value oriented.

New Domains of PMP
New Domains of PMP

Considering the value orientation, PMI changed the PMP Exam Content outline from Process Groups (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing) to Domains (People, Process and Business Environment). This change is implemented keeping the thought process of changing nature of business strategies and technological advancement. Studying for the PMP® exam can be stress-inducing. And with so many questions to answer, it's easy to feel overwhelmed before you even begin your studying process. We've got you covered! Techcanvass’s Online PMP Certification Training course was made by experienced professionals through instructor-led sessions and more than 1,700 sample test questions that cover all 22 project management knowledge areas of the PMBOK® guide 6th edition (and over 800+ new questions added). Plus, our interactive quiz builder lets you make customized quizzes based on your individual needs; giving no chance of unanswered exam topics. This leads us to the next logical question.

What is a Domain? 

In general, a domain can be defined as a field of action, thought, or influence OR a realm of personal knowledge or responsibility OR an area of focus.

Domain, under the purview of PMP, is defined as the high-level knowledge area that is essential to the practice of project management.

As per PMI, the next evolution of project management would comprise People, Process and Business Environment. These three new domains are briefly defined below.

New Domains of PMP

These three domains provide a framework for executing projects in a predictive, agile and hybrid environment.

Each PMP examination will include all tasks for a domain. Following is an example of the new task structure:

New Domains of PMP

Domain - Task - Enablers

The above example illustrates that 5 enablers will be required to complete the task of managing conflict under people's domain.

There are 14 tasks under the people domain, 17 tasks under the process domain, and 5 tasks under the business environment domain.

People Domain:

The tasks in this domain will assist the project manager to create a high performing team and keep the team on track. The following tasks will help the project manager to:

New Domains of PMP

Process Domain:

The tasks in this domain will assist the project manager in starting the project and doing the work. The following tasks will help the project manager to:

New Domains of PMP

Business Environment:

Keeping the business in mind, this domain contains tasks for the project manager which will help her to:

New Domains of PMP

PMP New Exam Content Outline (ECO) demonstrates the use of these 3 new domains. The following table identifies the proportion of questions that will appear on the examination from each domain.

New Domains of PMP


It was validated through the research conducted by PMI through the job task analysis that the current project management professionals work in diverse environments and use a variety of approaches. Predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches will be found through the 3 domains and they do not work in silos. As can be seen from the table above, about half of the PMP exam questions will be based on process domain, and other half will represent the agile or hybrid approaches. This is as per the new ECO (Examination Content Outline).

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