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A Minute Of History: Top Things You Need To Know About Panerai Watches

Officine Panerai, or generally known as Panerai, shares a rich brand history. They might not be the largest and the most renowned brand, but they still hold an outstanding reputation. With its unique attributes, the company still captures the attention of millions of watch enthusiasts worldwide. 

The brand features thousands of watches with different and pleasing appeals that are widely based on its history. It starts with a simple collection and grows with a range of various types of watches, such as high horology complications and precious metals. Today, Panerai has been a significant part of every watch enthusiast's bucket list, gradually building its name among the top industries. Let's get to know more about this renowned brand. 

Bestseller Panerai Watches You Should Know

From Panerai Submersible Watches to its famous Panerai Radiomir, there are hundreds of available Panerai watches that will surely give your sense of fashion a new and incredible touch. Hundreds of them can be purchased at the most reasonable price, and it can indeed be your pride just by simply wearing them. If you consider having one, check out these best seller Panerai watches that might hook your interest. 

Panerai Submersible Watches

Since the brand was founded in 1860, Panerai Submersible watches have captured most watch enthusiasts' hearts worldwide. With its attractive attributes and unique styles, your fashion will be more impressive and iconic. Not just for fashion purposes, the model also made for professional divers, helping them reach the desired depth. 

Panerai Luminor 1950 Watches

The Panerai Luminor is among the famous sets of Panerai watches. It beautifully combines the technicalities of marine timepieces with contemporary design features. It holds several classic timepieces, including the 1950 Panerai Luminor. 

Panerai Table Clock Watches

Panerai Table Clock Watches features Panerai's two iconic faces: the Italian nobleness's long history and its Swiss-made personality. The model features two simple, captivating, and flawless mineral glass circles on its front and back. The perfect combination of materials used gives you a reason to make Panerai Table Clock Watches as a considerable part of your watch collection. 

Panerai Radiomir Watches

Panerai has been known for distributing iconic timepieces. One of its masterpieces is the Radiomir watches, a diving essential that captures most known celebrities' hearts. The model is a significant part of Panerai's journey. 

These best-sellers Panerai watches will be more valuable if you know the history of the brand. History gives the watch a significant meaning in your wrist. Below are the top facts that might get your interest in including the Panerai on your brand collection. 

Panerai Was Established In Florence, Italy

This distinguished Panerai from other known brands. Commonly, most luxury brands were founded in Switzerland, but this is not the case with Panerai. It was actually founded in Florence, Italy. People say it's "Swiss made" because today, most Panerai watches are produced in Switzerland. 

It Dates Back To 1860

The brand was founded way back to 1860, producing various watches such as its military design that captures most watch enthusiasts' hearts. Rolex S.A. designed and produced the products, which plays a vital role in facilitating the Decima Flottiglia MAS frogmen in their Second World War movements.

In 1869, Giovanni Opened The Watchmaker Shop

Located in Ponte Alle Grazie, Florence, Giovanni opened his shop to the convenience of everyone. It wasn't just a simple shop. It was also regarded as the first-ever watchmaking school in Florence, where the whole Panerai history begins. 

Panerai Was Initially Made For German Navy And Italian

Being one of the most popular Italian watches, Panerai is also considered a watch initially intended for German navies. The company was already a maker of devices for the Italian Navy, supplying the Navy's first model timepiece in 1936. These were initially intended for the Navy's commando frogmen, most notable for their operations on the Lenta Corsa (SLC) and Siluro. 

Richemont S.A owns the Brand

Panerai is one of the prestigious names owned by Richemont S.A., including Cartier, IWC, Montblanc, Piaget, and other famous names in terms of luxury. Richemont is a Switzerland-based luxury company, established in 1988 by Johann Rupert, a South African businessman. 

They Stop Supplying Timepieces To The Marina Militare 

The decision was made in 1970. Panerai stopped distributing timepieces to the Marina Military as it was not cost-effective for the brand or met the demand and specifications. Afterward, Panerai turned their brand into a public market, giving them opportunities. 


Panerai has made an enormous impact on the watch industry since it was launched to the public. It captures the eyes of millions of enthusiasts from different parts of the world. People get overwhelmed by the brand's unique styles and appealing attributes, intended for various purposes. For diving or fashion, Panerai brings your perfect watch. 

If you are hoping to own one this year, it will be a perfect gift for yourself. Consider the top selections mentioned above. For sure, two or one of them will be your newest favorite wrist fashion. The watch will be more valuable since you already knew the whole Panerai history.

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