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Everything You Need to Know About Odoo CRM

Everything You Need to Know About Odoo CRM

CRM, a solution

There are multiple Customer Relationship Management applications available in the digital market that give a wide range of flexibility and a long list of features. But the open source Odoo CRM has made a unique place on the internet just because of its incredible and amazing features.

There are multiple open source CRMs in the market such as Odoo CRM, SuiteCRM, Vtiger CRM, OroCRM, and more but here we’ll inform you of the Odoo CRM. So, let’s begin.

What is Odoo CRM?

Odoo is an open source CRM software application that has been designed with an openly available source code and freely available license. The users are allowed to operate this software according to their business requirements by customizing its source code and without paying any charges.

The Odoo CRM helps businesses interact with audiences, manage customers, and attract opportunities, streamline communication, integrate with other software, and so on, just like a normal CRM software. Along with this, it supplies advanced functionality like you’re allowed to bring in & bring out any advanced & incredible feature in its own CRM by customizing its source code.

Have a Look at It’s Salient Features

  1. Lead Management:

Within the integration feature of Odoo CRM software, users can sync their CRM with any social or other platform & capture & track the leads simply from any location. Another from this, you are allowed to manage your lead management operation efficiently and attract potential clients.

  1. Mobile Accessibility:

Odoo CRM offers one of the advanced functionality called “Mobile Phone Accessibility” that allow you to operate your overall business directly from your mobile phone. This mobile-going app gives flexibility to your sales team to stay connected with customers all the time and be productive while out of the office.

  1. Automation:

Now, you are allowed to automate your complete business just by implementing Odoo CRM. This is because this one offers the features of both CMS and CRM along with automation, that will assist you in processing your sales. And, reducing manual tasks, managing the website & spreading your online brand voice,and ensuring a consistent customer experience.

  1. Opportunity Management:

This is one of the best open source CRM software that can simply convert leads into opportunities, and assign the opportunity to sales representatives. And, can track the progress through various stages in the sales pipeline.

  1. Proper Management:

The feature of task management of Odoo CRM helps you manage several tasks & ensure that nothing falls through the cracks such as updating you about meetings, or calls.

Apart from this, you will also get the feature of data management, through which the entire database of your operation will be safe, secure, and managed. Consequently, it’ll help you to have a separate record, managed history, and proper insight into your thousands of customers.

Benefits Of Odoo CRM

  • Automated WorkFlow:

Odoo CRM can help you to maintain the entire workflow of your business automatically. That means within this application you have no need to be presented all the time, you can schedule your tasks & software will get them done automatically & move onward.

  • Streamline Sales and Marketing Operations:

The Odoo CRM assists you in streamlining your sales & marketing operations since it offers the features of both, CMS (Content Management System) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This will help you in, managing your customer and their records along with managing the content of your website.

  • Trustworthy Reporting:

The users are allowed to analyze the output of their day-to-day activities simply by operating the Odoo CRM in their business. This is because this software is not only helpful in getting the overall result of the business but also practical in sending the daily report.

This will help you find the minor errors and slight weak points of your business, so you can focus on them and boost up your business in a more personal way.

  • Integration with other applications:

Odoo CRM offers the feature of integration through which you can sync your CRM with any of the software applications & operate both of them from a single space. Apart from this, it will help you to manage your social media channels directly from your CRM system.


Odoo Customer Relationship Management software is a powerful tool through which you can simply manage your business relationships and overall growth. It offers an array of features through which you can satisfy all your customer changing requirements and general business needs. It will help you to broadcast your brand universally and deliver the best customer experience. Odoo CRM can help you unlock the full potential of your sales and marketing team members.

  • Customer Database:

Store and access detailed customer information, such as contact details, interactions, purchase history, and more.

  • Email Integration:

Odoo CRM seamlessly integrates with your email client, enabling you to log emails, schedule follow-ups, and automate email marketing campaigns.

  • Pipeline Management:

Visualize your sales pipeline, set targets, and analyze your team's performance with real-time reporting and dashboards.

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