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5 Must-Have Tools for Tattoo Artists

Tattoo making is a widely known activity in today’s world. People have increasingly been enamored over getting a tattoo ever since it escaped the confinements of cults and entered pop culture using entertainment screens as its pathway. Therefore, now Tattoo making has emerged into an industry catering not just to tattoo making but also the devices, aftercare solutions, and removal like you'll find at Lucky Vans tattoo shop San Francisco. Artists are finding career and employment in this Industry. If you are also one of those having such intense love for tattoos that you want to make a career in it, here are some essential things that you must have in your tattoo clinic.

Tattoo machine/Gun

The most primary and obvious object is the tattoo making device. The rotary tattoo machine or as it is more popularly known as a Tattoo gun is a machine having almost 14 needles attached to a metal rod that moves up and down. This machine is powered using electricity and it penetrates the skin at a rate between 50 and 3000 per minute.

Tattooing Chair

Now, you won’t just have to Tattoo on general body parts. Some customers might ask you to cover such regions of the body that will require them to sit or lay down in different positions. You cannot do your job well in those cases if your customer will be sitting on normal chairs or stools. Therefore, you will need a proper tattooing chair. These chairs are specifically designed and made flexible to be transformed into a massage chair or bedding shapes to help your customer to get comfortable. You also get better access to the area which allows you to make the desired design with precision.


Tattoo demands aren’t always just plain black sketches. Customers can ask you for colorful designs. Therefore, you must ensure to be having almost all the popular shades. Also, you must ensure the ink to be of exceptionally good quality that doesn’t wear off easily. It is also good to first conduct a patch test to ensure that the customer is not allergic to the ink. Disposing of the remnant ink in the vessel after every use is a hygienic practice as using the same ink for making tattoos on different persons can lead to infection. To know more about tattoo inks, you can click here.

Magnifying lamp with lighting

You can often come across complex designs that involve too much detailing and you wouldn’t want to disappoint your clients. In those cases, you will need a magnifying lamp with lighting. This device is similar to the one dentists have. It helps you to focus on the precise details with focused lighting and magnification.


It is one of the most important elements for ensuring the sanitation of the equipment. The Autoclave sterilizes and cleans the equipment using saturated streams of high pressure. The device heats up to 249 degrees and the equipment is kept in it for 20 minutes approximately. This practice should be done before and after every inking process to ensure the safety of your customers from contaminations that the other customers might be carrying in their bloodstreams. 

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